What influences decision-making on accessing sexual health screening? A systematic review and meta-analysis of qualitative research
PHE ePoster Library, Tommer Spence, 221145
Do school food policies have an impact on school average National Childhood Measurement Programme measurements or do they just gather dust?
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Cooke, 221146
Developing an animation to highlight the problems offenders face in accessing healthcare - a clinical engagement tool
PHE ePoster Library, Chantal Edge, 221147
Putting lived experience at the centre of suicide prevention planning
PHE ePoster Library, Nathan Davies, 221148
Legionnaires' disease cases, clusters and outbreaks associated with hotels in the West Midlands, England
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Buckley, 221149
Norfolk 0-19 Healthy Child Programme (HCP) - Single Point of Access (SPA)
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Barnes, 221161
Developing a workforce for prevention: an evaluation of the Making Every Contact Count (MECC) programme in Camden and Islington
PHE ePoster Library, Donna Kelly, 221162
Generating local evidence through consultation to inform prioritisation in the weight management pathway
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Currie, 221163
Improving Flu Vaccine Uptake among 2-3 Year Old Children - a Quality Improvement Project
PHE ePoster Library, David Francis, 221164
Let's talk about sex... Sexual health within a mental health setting
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Osborne, 221165
The UK & Ireland incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS): a New Study
PHE ePoster Library, Kathryn Johnson, 221166
Public Health and Fire Service Falls Prevention
PHE ePoster Library, Annette Payne, 221177
The influences on decision making around antimicrobial prescribing by nurse and pharmacist independent prescribers: a study using Q-methodology
PHE ePoster Library, Andrew Rideout, 221178
Exploring the relationship between alcohol use, sexual risk and sexual decision-making in adults aged 25+ years
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Sullivan, 221179
An evaluation of the impact of a maternal obesity service on pregnancy outcomes
PHE ePoster Library, Hora Soltani, 221180
Make Smoking Invisible: Creating a smoke free generation in Barnsley
PHE ePoster Library, Kaye Mann, 221181
Drink Wise, Age Well: Providing specialised alcohol treatment for adults aged 50+ in the UK.
PHE ePoster Library, Julie Breslin, 221183
Reduce Diabetes Symptomatology by Becoming Your 'Best Possible Self': A Randomised Controlled Trial
PHE ePoster Library, Benjamin Gibson, 221195
A service evaluation of a new online STI testing service on the Isle of Wight comparing online and face-to-face provision and exploring health practitioner perspectives: 1 year after implementation
PHE ePoster Library, Lauren Stott, 221196
That'll do NICEly? A realist inquiry examining what happens when NICE public health guidance meets local government.
PHE ePoster Library, Susan Hampshaw, 221197
Screening for HIV in acute hospital admissions - experience from a district general hospital
PHE ePoster Library, Kelly Morris, 221198
Good progress, but more to do... Developing the Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Framework to help local areas review their local programmes to strengthen the prevention pathway for young people
PHE ePoster Library, Simon Walker, 221199
Keeping up with the evidence: processes and methods for ensuring NICE public health guidelines are up-to-date.
PHE ePoster Library, Alice Murray, 221200
“Inclusion Health”: Empowering and Engaging Young Homeless People in Decisions about their Health and Wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Saunders, 221211
Training community nurses to measure parent-child interaction to promote child language development
PHE ePoster Library, James Law, 221212
A review of the evidence behind interventions to mitigate premature births
PHE ePoster Library, Kirsten Watters, 221213
Bucks schools in mind - Making the case for a whole-school and whole-systems approach to mental health prevention and promotion
PHE ePoster Library, Anita Hazel, 221215
Developing a local area prioritisation tool
PHE ePoster Library, Josh Robotham, 221216
How Impact Stories can showcase PHE research and demonstrate the value of literature searches provided by Knowledge and Library Services (KLS)
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Pearce-Smith, 221217
A tiered approach to tackle local suicides
PHE ePoster Library, Xenia Koumi, 221229
Back it up: the evidence behind national guidelines in public health
PHE ePoster Library, Peter Shearn, 221230
Evidence-based commissioning for adolescent parenting programmes: A rapid scoping review
PHE ePoster Library, Jennifer Cumming, 221231
The Habit Hacker: A novel digital behaviour change tool - preliminary results
PHE ePoster Library, Stuart Burley, 221232
The Thrive Plan
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Sanderson, 221233
Learning from Europe and building the evidence base for the inclusion of Public Health in supporting Integrated Care Systems
PHE ePoster Library, Micol Tedeschi, 221234
How well is the Heatwave Plan for England working?
PHE ePoster Library, Lorraine Williams, 221245
Shifting the Gravity of Spending: Assessing the impact of PHE's Prioritisation Framework
PHE ePoster Library, Gregory Maniatopoulos, 221246
TB control in the North West after five years of TB Cohort Audit
PHE ePoster Library, Angela Tucker, 221247
Go Golborne: how to mobilise a community to prevent childhood obesity
PHE ePoster Library, Ellie Lewis, 221248
Gauging the 'Loneliness Epidemic': Predicting Social Isolation in an Urban Population for the Purpose of Targeting Services
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Quigley, 221249
Save Kids From Sugar - Sugar reduction campaign
PHE ePoster Library, Sue Cumming, 221250
Workplace wellbeing collaboration - the power of partnership
PHE ePoster Library, Aimee Stimpson, 221263
Newcastle Can: Reducing obesity through social movements and the mass media
PHE ePoster Library, Judith MacMorran, 221264
SafeConsumE: Reducing the health burden of foodborne illnesses across Europe through the development of educational resources for 11-18 year olds
PHE ePoster Library, Cliodna McNulty, 221265
Improving well-being outcomes for Gypsy Romany Traveller Community in Middlesbrough
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel McIlvenna, 221266
The role of repeat emergency admissions to hospital in explaining regional variation in self-harm prevalence, England, 2016/17
PHE ePoster Library, Roy Maxwell, 221267
A Prolonged Outbreak of Influenza in a Prison
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Stratford, 221268
Evaluation of a nature based intervention for older people and people with dementia.
PHE ePoster Library, Natasha Miles, 221279
Can an established preschool obesity prevention programme to support parents to adopt healthier family lifestyles (HENRY) be successfully delivered by trained volunteers?
PHE ePoster Library, Kim Roberts, 221280
Crowding in the household and behavioural problems in children: a prospective cohort study
PHE ePoster Library, Rachael Marsh, 221281
Developing a common approach to managing patients with TB who have No Money, No Housing or No Recourse to Public Funds in Yorkshire and Humber
PHE ePoster Library, David Bagguley, 221282
Filling the gap: West Sussex Sugar Smart Dental Toolkit
PHE ePoster Library, Alison Thomson, 221283
Systems Insights - The future of Public Health Intelligence
PHE ePoster Library, Cathryn Taylor, 221284
Inequalities in physical health morbidities in people with mental illness: a cross sectional analysis of English patients in primary care database
PHE ePoster Library, Sulia Celebi, 221295
Community Insights Programme-Developing good practice for community research
PHE ePoster Library, Radhika Puri, 221296
Layering methodologies in the practice of proportionate universalism - a case study in triangulation from the Communities Driving Change Programme, LBTH.
PHE ePoster Library, Georgia Ramirez, 221297
Building an infrastructure to improve the effectiveness of antibiotic prescribing in UK primary care: implementing the DataLab infrastructure
PHE ePoster Library, Tjeerd van Staa, 221298
Predictors of outcomes for patients with common mental health disorders receiving psychological therapies in community settings
PHE ePoster Library, Geva Greenfield, 221299
NURSING YOU: An app designed by nurses to improve nurses' health and wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Michaela Nuttal, 221300
The impact of frailty on population health: using local data for population health management
PHE ePoster Library, Frank Wood, 221311
Co-production with parents using social media as a platform for engagement
PHE ePoster Library, Sue Frossell, 221313
Making the economic case for prevention of congenital cytomegalovirus
PHE ePoster Library, Nick Hex, 221314
Pregnant women's perceptions of lifestyle risk factors
PHE ePoster Library, Clare Walker, 221315
The role of PHE ERD emergency preparedness exercises on the healthcare response in the Manchester Arena bombing
PHE ePoster Library, Elena Skryabina, 221316
Bespoke stratification tool for reviewing existing cardiovascular disease indicators to support programme planning
PHE ePoster Library, Filiz Altinoluk-Davis, 221317
Determinants of inter-practice variation in ADHD diagnosis: cross-sectional study of a national sentinel network
PHE ePoster Library, Simon de Lusignan, 221328
Outcomes and learning from an integrated public health model: emerging lessons from Sunderland
PHE ePoster Library, Julie Parker-Walton, 221329
Drink Less Enjoy More
PHE ePoster Library, Emer Coffey, 221330
Controlling alcohol availability through local policy; how Public Health in local government can influence licensing policy
PHE ePoster Library, Talia Boshari, 221331
Trends in electronic cigarette use in young people in Great Britain 2013-2018
PHE ePoster Library, Arshad Emmambux, 221332
The Journey of Prehabilitation in South Tees - from Small Steps to at Scale Delivery
PHE ePoster Library, Gerard Danjoux, 221333
How does the Wessex Public Health Practitioner Registration Support Programme help practitioners with their professional development?
PHE ePoster Library, Joanne Newton, 221344
Economic impact of falls prevention programmes for older people living in the community
PHE ePoster Library, William Green, 221345
Sustainable Food Systems for a Healthy UK
PHE ePoster Library, Kristin Bash, 221346
Did you eat anything yesterday? A large cross-sectional nutrition survey of homeless people in London
PHE ePoster Library, Bora Qirici, 221347
Prison health in all policies: supporting international policy development
PHE ePoster Library, Sunita Sturup-Toft, 221348
Tower Hamlets BAME Peer Educator Organ Donation Project
PHE ePoster Library, Brenda Scotland, 221349
Public Health Services and Stakeholder Engagement: Expectations vs. Reality.
PHE ePoster Library, Natalie Priestley, 221362
Variation in cancer incidence by ethnicity across London in 2015
PHE ePoster Library, Bethany Wickramasinghe, 221363
From standards to values: Core Values for a healthy environment
PHE ePoster Library, Jannie van der Helm, 221364
Applying prevalence models to ward-based populations to inform targeted intervention: female genital mutilation (FGM) in Southwark, Southeast London
PHE ePoster Library, Sabrina Kwaa, 221365
Managing impulses to eat unhealthy foods: Feasibility and initial evaluation of the ImpulsePal mobile weigtht loss intervention
PHE ePoster Library, Colin Greaves, 221366
North Yorkshire Adult Weight Management Service (pilot) - academic evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Lincoln Sargeant, 221367
Regional variation in the estimated prevalence of multi-morbidity in England
PHE ePoster Library, Nina Robery, 221378
Impact of reduction in tobacco smoking on numbers of deaths, and numbers living with dementia and disability in England and Wales between 2017 and 2040: a modelling study
PHE ePoster Library, Sara Ahmadi-Abhari, 221379
eMotion: A pilot trial randomised controlled trial of a web-based intervention combining behavioural activation and physical activity promotion for people with depression.
PHE ePoster Library, Colin Greaves, 221380
Views of healthcare and allied health professionals on 'work as a health outcome'
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Wong, 221381
Blood borne virus screening in a prison and drug misuse centre using Dried blood spot testing with the implementation of an opt-out strategy
PHE ePoster Library, Tranprit Saluja, 221382
Developing the capacity of General Practice staff to support healthier weight status in children
PHE ePoster Library, Raheelah Ahmad, 221383
The risks of hospital admission and infection-related complications in a large cohort of patients consulting their general practitioner for a common infection
PHE ePoster Library, Chirag Mistry, 221384
The public health role in NHS service reconfigurations: Reviewing the evidence base on 'multiple site single service' models of care
PHE ePoster Library, David Bagguley, 221394
Analysis of delays in starting Tuberculosis treatment:A descriptive statistical analysis of the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Enhanced Tuberculosis surveillance data
PHE ePoster Library, Charlotte Bigland, 221395
Charting the first-aid training and emergency helping landscape: Evidence from a scoping review and practitioner interviews
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Heard, 221396
Innovative approaches to reduce gambling related harms
PHE ePoster Library, Myrte Elbers, 221397
A systems-based approach to understand local factors that influence obesity
PHE ePoster Library, Duncan Radley, 221398
Paediatric Tuberculosis from a Public Health Perspective
PHE ePoster Library, Waleed Chaudhry, 221399
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination - Tailored invitation letters for at risk groups and pregnant women?
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Pickup, 221412
How much does routine vaccination at primary care level in England cost?
PHE ePoster Library, Tim Crocker-Buque, 221413
Exploring patterns of palivizumab prescribing in English hospitals using linked hospital admissions and pharmacy datasets
PHE ePoster Library, Pia Hardelid, 221414
Preventing perinatal transmission of hepatitis B: using audit to improve the quality of immunisation and testing programmes in the East of England
PHE ePoster Library, Vicky Head, 221415

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