Establishing a national real-time ambulance syndromic surveillance system in England to support monitoring of the health impact of extreme weather
PHE ePoster Library, Simon Packer, 274288
Investigating First Ever Chikungunya Outbreak in KP, Pakistan
PHE ePoster Library, Asif Bettani, 274289
The secondary care burden of influenza disease in England, 2018/2019
PHE ePoster Library, Craig Davidson, 274290
‘Happy Mum Health Bump' a service designed to prevent excess gestational weight gain and promote a healthier lifestyle during and after pregnancy
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Jones, 274307
Developing a Single Point of Access Hub for health improvement interventions
PHE ePoster Library, Daniel Hooper, 274308
Luton Food Plan
PHE ePoster Library, Suliman Rafiq, 274309
Securing Investment in Prevention through An Innovative Approach to System-Wide Cancer Prevention in the East Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Andy Fox, 274323
Can an Office of Budget Responsibility for Population Health improve fiscal and economic planning?
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Lodge, 274324
Using Coronial Audit to Determine Place-based Suicide Risk Profile - to inform West Midlands Combined Authority's Thrive Zero Suicide Ambition
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Sanderson, 274340
“Healthy Goals” – A professional sports club led type 2 diabetes prevention programme for South Asians in Leicester City
PHE ePoster Library, Vicki Johnson, 274341
Just Talk - Boys' Mental Health Campaign
PHE ePoster Library, Gary Wootten, 274342
Demonstrating how a Dementia Friendly Middlesbrough Project enables people living with Dementia to live well and be more integrated in their community
PHE ePoster Library, Emma McInnes, 274356
Luton Total Wellbeing - A joint approach, integrating lifestyle with Mental health services for better health outcomes & reduced health inequalities
PHE ePoster Library, Patsy Richards, 274357
The Youth Aware of Mental Health Programme (YAM)
PHE ePoster Library, Gill ONeill, 274358
Reaching out to improve health outcome and address inequalities in Northamptonshire's Homeless population
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Wightman, 274372
FRESH Street (Barnsley): testing the feasibility of a place based, household level, approach to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption
PHE ePoster Library, C Relton, 274373
A rapid Health impact assessment of Gambling Policy in South Tyneside
PHE ePoster Library, Christina Hardy, 274374
Tailoring Making Every Contact Count resources in West Sussex
PHE ePoster Library, Dan Barritt, 274388
Southwark’s Public Health Foundation Programme: Developing the future Public Health workforce.
PHE ePoster Library, Talia Boshari, 274389
Mapping the Analytic Workforce: Taking a whole system approach from data to insight
PHE ePoster Library, Janine Dellar, 274390
The importance of monitoring a novel antibiotic: National surveillance of ceftazidime-avibactam resistance and usage in England, 2016-2018
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Wilson, 274405
Evaluation of the London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme: a multi-component citywide smoking cessation programme
PHE ePoster Library, Jamie Brown, 274406
Pregnant women's use of and attitudes to e-cigarettes in the UK: a cross-sectional survey
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Bowker, 274407
Falls Prevention - A Community Approach to the Problem of Falls
PHE ePoster Library, Dean Metz, 274421
Applying modified-DPSEEA model to frame e-cigarette use as an intervention in tobacco-smoking cessation - an environmental public health perspective
PHE ePoster Library, Tayo Owodunni, 274422
Assessing the value of the South Tyneside Alliance
PHE ePoster Library, Anna Christie, 274423
Establishing a system to monitor psychotropic prescribing in primary care in people with learning disabilities, autism or both
PHE ePoster Library, Hiral Mehta, 274439
Spotting the Signs of Child Trafficking in the NHS: Roma Children, Pregnancy and Exploitation.
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Saunders, 274440
Exploring the use of CO screening by Health visitors to support smoking cessation in pregnancy and the postpartum period.
PHE ePoster Library, Fiona Johnson, 274441
Hospital catchment populations: evaluation of a new method to understand service users and demands
PHE ePoster Library, Caroline Wright, 274456
Significantly higher rates of chlamydia found in army personnel compared with non military patients
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Iveson, 274457
Reducing inequalities in care at an Acute Trust
PHE ePoster Library, Hannah Emmett, 274458
Active 30 Durham a multi-agency partnership approach to support schools to be enable children to be more active.
PHE ePoster Library, Karen McCabe, 274472
Healthy Infant Nutrition – delivering excellent outcomes for Tower Hamlets families
PHE ePoster Library, Simon Twite, 274473
Children under five are associated with household transmission of acute gastroenteritis: database studies of a primary care sentinel network
PHE ePoster Library, Simon de Lusignan, 274474
Automation of public health dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI in Worcestershire
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Fung, 274487
Using AI for syndromic surveillance - 'are we nearly there yet?'
PHE ePoster Library, Roger Morbey, 274488
An evidence-based workplace programme to sit less and move more: SMART Work
PHE ePoster Library, Vicki Johnson, 274489
Population Health Management (PHM) – undertaking the PHM cycle with High Intensity Users
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Maclean, 274490
Perceived barriers and facilitators to accessing/utilising sexual and reproductive healthcare for people experiencing homelessness:A systematic review
PHE ePoster Library, Martha Paisi, 274503
Public Perception of Using Predictive Analytics for Prevention and Early Intervention
PHE ePoster Library, Effie Argyropoulou, 274504
Heat wave effects on morbidity in the Netherlands using general practice data
PHE ePoster Library, Laurens Severijn Hondema, 274505
Building an Analytic Community of Practice in an Integrated Care System: An Evaluation of Surrey Heartland Hackathon Project
PHE ePoster Library, Julie George, 274506
Now You See It: Real-time Syndromic data at glance
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Loveridge, 274519
Optimising the alcohol reduction app, Drink Less
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Garnett, 274520
Salt Swap: A feasibility randomised controlled trial of a behavioural intervention to reduce salt intake among people with high blood pressure
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Payne Riches, 274521
A short term behaviour change intervention that enables people with larger bodies to engage in physical activity, specifically swimming.
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Pursey, 274522
Flu Vaccination: Increasing Uptake of Social Care Workers within Wakefield Care Homes
PHE ePoster Library, Emma Smith, 274535
Evaluation of the Heatwave Plan for England
PHE ePoster Library, Lorraine Williams, 274536
A modelling tool to assist resource planning and impact assessment in Pandemic Flu or a large Infectious disease outbreak in Northamptonshire
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Hoy, 274537
Childhood vaccine coverage and population susceptibility to measles in the West Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Emma Booth, 274538
Report automation with OfficeR and Flextable
PHE ePoster Library, Richard Puleston, 257465
An Epigenome-wide methylation analysis of blood-lipid concentrations and statin-use in the Understanding Society: UK Household Longitudinal Study
PHE ePoster Library, Tyler Gorrie-Stone, 257466
Call for global school education about antimicrobial resistance: Implementation and Promotion of e-Bug across 14 international partner countries
PHE ePoster Library, Catherine Hayes, 257498
The development of catalytic DNA (DNAzymes) for the treatment of infectious disease.
PHE ePoster Library, Angela Pine, 257504
Exploring health intelligence and decision making with design research
PHE ePoster Library, Chiara Garattini, 259598
Evidence on passive remediation of radon in UK homes
PHE ePoster Library, Neil McColl, 259603
The East of England Action Learning Network (ALN): Building capability and capacity for the public health intelligence workforce in the East of England
PHE ePoster Library, Antoinette Woodhouse, 259605
The role of screening in hospital outbreaks of Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL) producing Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP)
PHE ePoster Library, Daniel Gardiner, 259611
Cost-effectiveness of interventions for the management of severe obesity (findings from the REBALANCE study
PHE ePoster Library, Elisabet Jacobsen, 259620
Breastfeeding and risk of hospitalisation from respiratory or gastrointestinal illness in children from birth to two-years in Northern Ireland
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Neill, 257469
Buidling a global interdisciplinary network to develop a shared understanding of global infectious disease & public health issues
PHE ePoster Library, Nicky Milner, 257479
Car to Caravan: An outbreak of hepatitis A in a travelling community in the East Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Srilaxmi Degala, 257480
Evaluation of EpiNorth3: a unique infectious disease surveillance system, Public Health England North East
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Bagnall, 257491
Antimicrobial susceptibility in urinary tract pathogens from acute and primary care in England (2015-2017)
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Wilson, 257499
What can research primary care datasets contribute to routine monitoring of vaccine coverage and uptake?
PHE ePoster Library, Helen McDonald, 257506
Nicotine intake and psychometric measures in a longitudinal study of smokers switching to e-cigarettes (Smokefreebrain)
PHE ePoster Library, Tim Marczylo, 257512
Moving towards elimination: The use of novel surveillance systems to monitor coverage and outcomes of BBV testing in Substance Misuse Services across Wales.
PHE ePoster Library, Gareth Morgan, 259607
Use of transmission network analysis as an epidemiological tool to support the investigation of a community hepatitis A outbreak, Lincolnshire, 2016
PHE ePoster Library, Claudia Giljohann, 257462
Do directors of public health use PHE data in DPH annual reports?
PHE ePoster Library, Julian Flowers, 257464
Pneumococcal vaccine coverage in adults aged 18 to 64 years old, newly diagnosed with underlying medical conditions in the UK
PHE ePoster Library, Ian Matthews, 257473
Distinct susceptibility and invasiveness profiles in Salmonella Infantis from South Africa and the United Kingdom
PHE ePoster Library, Marie Chattaway, 257496
Knowledge of, and attitudes towards, antimicrobial resistance among medical students: a systematic review
PHE ePoster Library, Elena Chia, 257503
Monitoring the impact of the Health and Safety Sharps Regulations: creation of an interactive tool to assess the uptake of safer sharps in Scotland, 2013-2017
PHE ePoster Library, Garazi Ruiz-de-Azua Unzurrunzaga, 257518
Estimating the health-related costs associated with the effects of long-term exposure to ambient PM2.5 on ischemic heart disease morbidity and mortality.
PHE ePoster Library, Andrew Ibbetson, 257522
A service evaluation of the NHS England funded latent Tuberculosis (LTBI) testing and treatment for migrants in the South East of England
PHE ePoster Library, Ayaan Gedi, 257529
Look back exercise following a failure in sigmoidoscope decontamination
PHE ePoster Library, Alison Johnson, 259606
Placement Student Today – PHE Employee Tomorrow?
PHE ePoster Library, Mike Carter, 257478
Algorithm development to facilitate rapid detection of low value interventions in response to health service savings requirement: South East London experience
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Giddings, 257489
Embedding work as a health outcome
PHE ePoster Library, Shona Lucitt, 257490
Can scarlet fever trends be used to predict cases of invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections in South East England and London for public health action?
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Hams, 257508
Development of an in vitro model exposure system to capture nanoparticulate hazard potential with the lung.
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Smith, 257509
Whole-genome sequencing reveals a recent transmission network within a large isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in London
PHE ePoster Library, Neil Macdonald, 257513
Tuberculosis among people with social risk factors
PHE ePoster Library, Jack Wardle, 257517
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) detection in plasma and in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of women with a recent history of cervical dysplasia.
PHE ePoster Library, Clementina Cocuzza, 257521
Clostridium difficile in horses in Australia, a One Health approach to assess the risks to humans.
PHE ePoster Library, Ashleigh Hale, 259602
Illumina Sequencing Characterises Diverse Errors in HIV-1 Resistance Testing
PHE ePoster Library, David Bibby, 257471
Improving the Research Skills of Front-Line Health Protection Staff: A North West Pilot
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Cleary, 257475
Employment rate, work absence and productivity loss in primary care consulters for musculoskeletal conditions
PHE ePoster Library, Ross Wilkie, 257477
Hepatitis C Testing in Community Pharmacy Based Needle Exchanges - A Pilot
PHE ePoster Library, David Leeman, 257483
Observed health impacts in England of the 'Beast from the East; a severe cold weather episode during 2018
PHE ePoster Library, Ross Thompson, 257492
TB Outbreak among Eastern European migrant workers in a salad factory in the West Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Clare Brehmer, 257494
Analysis of purchasing patterns of beverages and socio-demographic profile of purchasers, using latent class analysis
PHE ePoster Library, Alexander Allen, 257501
Tracking and forecasting seasonal influenza, 2017-8: A in-depth modelling challenge
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Birrell, 257530
Measles: Analysis of risk assessment across London
PHE ePoster Library, Matilda Allen, 259599
Audit of Tuberculosis (TB) incidents in London 2017
PHE ePoster Library, Anita Roche, 257523
Clinical evaluation of herPHEgen®: a herpesvirus genotype-to-phenotype antiviral resistance database and testing service
PHE ePoster Library, Hodan Mohamed, 259604
Diphtheria diagnostic capacity in the Western Pacific Region
PHE ePoster Library, Amy Trindall, 259612
Surveillance and whole genome sequencing of Ceftriaxone resistant Haemophilus influenzae in Scotland.
PHE ePoster Library, Andrew Smith, 259619
Associations between child height and weight and caries levels
PHE ePoster Library, Gill Davies, 257461

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