Putting lived experience at the centre of suicide prevention planning
PHE ePoster Library, Nathan Davies, 221148
Legionnaires' disease cases, clusters and outbreaks associated with hotels in the West Midlands, England
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Buckley, 221149
Healthy Teeth project
PHE ePoster Library, andrea lagos, 221150
UK Adults Opinions and Responses to the Soft Drink Industry Levy
PHE ePoster Library, Gemma Bridge, 221151
Urinary tract infections: a leaflet for older adults, and carers
PHE ePoster Library, Cliodna McNulty, 221152
Sub-threshold depression in people with long-term conditions - is the community pharmacy a setting to offer a psychosocial intervention? A qualitative study.
PHE ePoster Library, Carolyn Chew-Graham, 221153
Development and evaluation of a psycho-social intervention for delivery by Support Workers from Age UK North Staffordshire, to support older people with anxiety and depression: A feasibility study.
PHE ePoster Library, Carolyn Chew-Graham, 221154
Let's talk about sex... Sexual health within a mental health setting
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Osborne, 221165
The UK & Ireland incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS): a New Study
PHE ePoster Library, Kathryn Johnson, 221166
Reducing the impact of change resistant problem drinkers
PHE ePoster Library, Christine Jordan, 221167
Does a national NHS England incentive scheme to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in primary care deliver improvement?
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Beech, 221168
Linkage to care solution for partners of patients diagnosed with HIV and individuals with a reactive HIV self test
PHE ePoster Library, Anatole Menon-Johansson, 221169
Sources of carbon monoxide exposure in the UK: survey data from the UK National Poisons information Service (NPIS).
PHE ePoster Library, Daniela Gentile, 221170
Developing an Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People (CYP) in Hampshire
PHE ePoster Library, Robert Pears, 221171
Make Smoking Invisible: Creating a smoke free generation in Barnsley
PHE ePoster Library, Kaye Mann, 221181
Drink Wise, Age Well: Providing specialised alcohol treatment for adults aged 50+ in the UK.
PHE ePoster Library, Julie Breslin, 221183
The impact of a low-cost digital and print awareness campaign on patient behaviour in relation to personal risk of osteoporosis and fragility fracture
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Clark, 221184
Improvements in parenting achieved with innovative online programme: Preliminary evaluation of 'Understanding Your Child - Online' (UYC-OL): a Solihull Approach course for parents and carers.
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Johnson, 221185
Domestic Abuse Champions - Increasing Early Identification of Domestic Abuse in Norfolk
PHE ePoster Library, Hannah Edge, 221186
“Calling Social Prescribing” - a new approach in the London Borough of Waltham Forest
PHE ePoster Library, Sharon Hanooman, 221187
Using real-time syndromic surveillance to monitor the health effects of air pollution
PHE ePoster Library, Sally Harcourt, 221188
Good progress, but more to do... Developing the Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Framework to help local areas review their local programmes to strengthen the prevention pathway for young people
PHE ePoster Library, Simon Walker, 221199
Keeping up with the evidence: processes and methods for ensuring NICE public health guidelines are up-to-date.
PHE ePoster Library, Alice Murray, 221200
Preventing ill-health from cold homes
PHE ePoster Library, William Baker, 221201
Improving our understanding of Social Isolation
PHE ePoster Library, Jeremy Hooper, 221202
The sensitivity, specificity and timeliness of syndromic surveillance
PHE ePoster Library, Roger Morbey, 221203
Cost of smoking attributable hospital admissions to the NHS
PHE ePoster Library, Alice Stonham, 221204
Developing a local area prioritisation tool
PHE ePoster Library, Josh Robotham, 221216
How Impact Stories can showcase PHE research and demonstrate the value of literature searches provided by Knowledge and Library Services (KLS)
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Pearce-Smith, 221217
Developing an air quality monitoring network: siting the monitors
PHE ePoster Library, David Lemon, 221218
Bella Mossa: BetterPoints' use of incentives to encourage Active Travel and reduce single-occupancy car use in Bologna, Italy
PHE ePoster Library, Hannah Bowden, 221219
A Citizens Inquiry Approach to Improving Community Health & Wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Liz Petch, 221220
Infection control training for the staff in care homes and domiciliary care in a London borough: the need and the how.
PHE ePoster Library, Alka Maru, 221221
The Thrive Plan
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Sanderson, 221233
Learning from Europe and building the evidence base for the inclusion of Public Health in supporting Integrated Care Systems
PHE ePoster Library, Micol Tedeschi, 221234
Developing an Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) approach to substance misuse treatment.
PHE ePoster Library, Jez Mitchell, 221235
Social farming: Taking a nature based approach to young people's mental health
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Hambidge, 221236
Do integrated health and wellbeing services contribute to a healthier, fairer society?
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Sullivan, 221237
Taking a proactive and slimmed down public health approach to supporting NHS winter pressures, a view from PHE WM Centre.
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Carter, 221238
Gauging the 'Loneliness Epidemic': Predicting Social Isolation in an Urban Population for the Purpose of Targeting Services
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Quigley, 221249
Save Kids From Sugar - Sugar reduction campaign
PHE ePoster Library, Sue Cumming, 221250
Effectiveness of school-based lessons on mental health and emotional wellbeing: an evidence synthesis report
PHE ePoster Library, Jenny Mason, 221251
Local implementation of national AMS initiatives across Medicines Management teams: a mixed-methods study
PHE ePoster Library, Rosalie Allison, 221252
How does local government use the planning system to regulate hot food takeaways? A survey of current practice in England
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Keeble, 221253
Helping hairdressers to manage their musculoskeletal health through a mobile app, facilitating self-care in the workplace
PHE ePoster Library, Jim Howarth, 221254
The role of repeat emergency admissions to hospital in explaining regional variation in self-harm prevalence, England, 2016/17
PHE ePoster Library, Roy Maxwell, 221267
A Prolonged Outbreak of Influenza in a Prison
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Stratford, 221268
Supporting carers to facilitate access to dental care for people living with dementia
PHE ePoster Library, Linda Hillman, 221269
Health before and during pregnancy: Making the case for Preconception Care
PHE ePoster Library, Amrita Jesurasa, 221270
Supporting the health system to reduce inequalities in screening: PHE screening inequalities strategy
PHE ePoster Library, Linda Syson-Nibbs, 221271
Developing the West Midlands Public Health Workforce to Address New Challenges
PHE ePoster Library, Kristy Parnell, 221272
Filling the gap: West Sussex Sugar Smart Dental Toolkit
PHE ePoster Library, Alison Thomson, 221283
Systems Insights - The future of Public Health Intelligence
PHE ePoster Library, Cathryn Taylor, 221284
Using the Solihull Antenatal approach to support development of the pre-birth parent-infant relationship: a multi-disciplinary initiative
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Stewart, 221285
Maximising Health Infrastructure: Future proofing the NHS in Tower Hamlets
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Phelan, 221286
Understanding resilience in young people: age, gender and trends over time
PHE ePoster Library, Suzie Lane, 221287
An Economic Case for Mental Health Intervention for Homeless Youths
PHE ePoster Library, Liza Jabbour, 221288
Predictors of outcomes for patients with common mental health disorders receiving psychological therapies in community settings
PHE ePoster Library, Geva Greenfield, 221299
NURSING YOU: An app designed by nurses to improve nurses' health and wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Michaela Nuttal, 221300
Digital tool supports effective gonorrhoea partner notification
PHE ePoster Library, Anatole Menon-Johansson, 221301
Effectiveness of pharmaceutical interventions for the modification of risk factors for type II diabetes in non-diabetic patients treated with atypical antipsychotics
PHE ePoster Library, Andrea Baxter, 221302
A systematic review of outcome reporting in childhood pneumonia trials.
PHE ePoster Library, Shohaib Ali, 221303
A systematic review of weight management interventions for young people with special educational needs and disabilities
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Farman, 221304
The role of PHE ERD emergency preparedness exercises on the healthcare response in the Manchester Arena bombing
PHE ePoster Library, Elena Skryabina, 221316
Bespoke stratification tool for reviewing existing cardiovascular disease indicators to support programme planning
PHE ePoster Library, Filiz Altinoluk-Davis, 221317
Initiatives to Improve Sustained Laboratory Capacity Building in Developing Countries.
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Sheeley, 221318
A review of public health networks in the North East using NHSI tools
PHE ePoster Library, Catherine Parker, 221319
Comparison of cancer prevalence data sources: National Cancer Registry and Primary Care Registers
PHE ePoster Library, Sophie Jose, 221320
General Practices with low influenza vaccination uptake in 2-8 year olds in 2017/18: report from RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre
PHE ePoster Library, Simon de Lusignan, 221321
Trends in electronic cigarette use in young people in Great Britain 2013-2018
PHE ePoster Library, Arshad Emmambux, 221332
The Journey of Prehabilitation in South Tees - from Small Steps to at Scale Delivery
PHE ePoster Library, Scott Lloyd, 221333
Reducing alcohol-related hospital admissions in Wakefield
PHE ePoster Library, Jez Mitchell, 221334
Social Prescribing at Scale
PHE ePoster Library, Charlotte Pavitt, 221335
NHS Stop Smoking Services and Smoking Prevalence in England: a Modelling Evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Fujian Song, 221336
Influenza in the community: the value of acute respiratory outbreak surveillance in the UK, 2017-2018
PHE ePoster Library, Hongxin Zhao, 221337
Prison health in all policies: supporting international policy development
PHE ePoster Library, Sunita Sturup-Toft, 221348
Tower Hamlets BAME Peer Educator Organ Donation Project
PHE ePoster Library, Brenda Scotland, 221349
Novel application of a Public Health and Whole School Approach to violence prevention in North East London
PHE ePoster Library, Stella Bailey, 221350
Live Well Greenwich - system wide approach to prevention
PHE ePoster Library, Aideen Silke, 221351
Reducing inequalities in the workplace: Qualitative outcomes of a health and wellbeing initiative for lowest pay grade staff in an acute trust
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Shanks, 221352
Daily syndromic surveillance support during the 2017/18 influenza season
PHE ePoster Library, Alex Elliot, 221353
Managing impulses to eat unhealthy foods: Feasibility and initial evaluation of the ImpulsePal mobile weigtht loss intervention
PHE ePoster Library, Colin Greaves, 221366
North Yorkshire Adult Weight Management Service (pilot) - academic evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Lincoln Sargeant, 221367
Enhancing the Healthy Child Programme in Better Start Bradford
PHE ePoster Library, Jo Howes, 221368
Global Health Emergency Management Capacity Building
PHE ePoster Library, Ian Rufus, 221369
Investigating inequity impact of “stalling” life expectancy in Birmingham deprivation deciles
PHE ePoster Library, Mudassar Dawood, 221370
Potential re-mobilisation of lead from bone in children who are not responding to environmental interventions.
PHE ePoster Library, Charlotte Landeg-Cox, 221371
Developing the capacity of General Practice staff to support healthier weight status in children
PHE ePoster Library, Raheelah Ahmad, 221383
The risks of hospital admission and infection-related complications in a large cohort of patients consulting their general practitioner for a common infection
PHE ePoster Library, Chirag Mistry, 221384
Workplace NHS Health Checks 5 years on.
PHE ePoster Library, Richard Hayhoe, 221385
Hacking down data silos: developing an analytic community of practice
PHE ePoster Library, Alessandra Denotti, 221386
Understanding the experiences of homeless people and health
PHE ePoster Library, David Mcconalogue, 221387
Prevalence of multi-morbidity in the South West Region of England
PHE ePoster Library, Nina Robery, 221388
A systems-based approach to understand local factors that influence obesity
PHE ePoster Library, Duncan Radley, 221398
Paediatric Tuberculosis from a Public Health Perspective
PHE ePoster Library, Waleed Chaudhry, 221399
New integrated care models to improve health, healthcare quality, and patterns of service use among children and young people
PHE ePoster Library, Julia Forman, 221400
Royal Free Charity - 10-15 year Long term Vision for Public Healthcare
PHE ePoster Library, Andy Wilkins, 221401
Developing a response plan for suspected suicide in a disaster situation: lessons from the Grenfell Fire tragedy
PHE ePoster Library, Annie McKirdy, 221402
A Serological Point-of-Care Test for the www.acsnano.org Detection of IgG Antibodies against Ebola Virus in Human Survivors
PHE ePoster Library, Jobie Budd, 221403
A smartphone-based point-of-care test for the detection of immune response to Ebola virus in human survivors
PHE ePoster Library, Dounia Cherkaoui, 221404

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