Investigating First Ever Chikungunya Outbreak in KP, Pakistan
PHE ePoster Library, Asif Bettani, 274289
The secondary care burden of influenza disease in England, 2018/2019
PHE ePoster Library, Craig Davidson, 274290
Is England meeting the physical and mental health needs of child refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants?
PHE ePoster Library, Amy Stevens, 274291
An Exploration of Antibiotic Stewardship in a Low-Income Setting: Antibiotic use in Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi.
PHE ePoster Library, Alasdair Wood, 274292
Epstein-Barr virus seroprevalence in East Asia, in Europe, in America, and in other countries in the 21st century
PHE ePoster Library, TienYu Owen Yang, 274293
Digital innovation can increase access to contraception in low income countries
PHE ePoster Library, Gillian Holdsworth, 274294
Developing a Single Point of Access Hub for health improvement interventions
PHE ePoster Library, Daniel Hooper, 274308
Luton Food Plan
PHE ePoster Library, Suliman Rafiq, 274309
An Investigation of the Advertisements Within 200m of Schools in Tower Hamlets
PHE ePoster Library, Taibat Ibitoye, 274310
Impact of National Change4Life Campaign on Child Sugars Intake: Qualitative Findings.
PHE ePoster Library, Grace Gardner, 274311
Expanding Healthy Takeaway initiative to reach wider audiences / engage a wider variety of premises, including on mentoring improving food hygiene.
PHE ePoster Library, Louise Fiddler, 274312
Design Led Process to Investigate Root Causes of Childhood Obesity in Areas of High Deprivation - Designing the Right Thing; Designing Things Right
PHE ePoster Library, Heidi Douglas, 274313
Can an Office of Budget Responsibility for Population Health improve fiscal and economic planning?
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Lodge, 274324
Can Public Health work confidently with commercial partners? A Case Study using commercial resources for local amplification of a national campaign.
PHE ePoster Library, Catherine Huntley, 274326
A Case for Investing in Prevention– The Thurrock Edge of Care and Reunification Service
PHE ePoster Library, Elozona Umeh, 274327
Preventing stroke through primary care and public health: Identification and treatment of patients with Atrial Fibrillation in Enfield
PHE ePoster Library, Gosaye Fida, 274328
Evaluating the impact of a population health approach to general practice services: the experience in Southwark
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Giddings, 274329
“Healthy Goals” – A professional sports club led type 2 diabetes prevention programme for South Asians in Leicester City
PHE ePoster Library, Vicki Johnson, 274341
Just Talk - Boys' Mental Health Campaign
PHE ePoster Library, Gary Wootten, 274342
All Right?: promoting population wellbeing in post-disaster Christchurch, 2011-2019
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Daeth, 274343
The intergenerational persistence of mental and physical health
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Brown, 274344
Health for Life – how well managed green space can improve mental health and well-being
PHE ePoster Library, Alan Carter, 274345
The Prevalence of Co-Existing Mental Health Problems in Opioid Related Deaths: 2006-2015
PHE ePoster Library, Ben Houghton, 274346
Luton Total Wellbeing - A joint approach, integrating lifestyle with Mental health services for better health outcomes & reduced health inequalities
PHE ePoster Library, Patsy Richards, 274357
The Youth Aware of Mental Health Programme (YAM)
PHE ePoster Library, Gill ONeill, 274358
Understanding self-harm in young people aged 12-24 in Southwark, an inner city London borough: a mixed methods study.
PHE ePoster Library, Neha Shah, 274359
Let's talk mental health: A workforce approach from concept to action
PHE ePoster Library, Michael Davie, 274360
Is relying on hospital admissions data biasing our understanding of self-harm rates?
PHE ePoster Library, Catherine Polling, 274361
Creating school environments which support mental wellbeing – what matters to children and young people?
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Beynon, 274362
Reaching out to improve health outcome and address inequalities in Northamptonshire's Homeless population
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Wightman, 274372
FRESH Street (Barnsley): testing the feasibility of a place based, household level, approach to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption
PHE ePoster Library, C Relton, 274373
A rapid Health impact assessment of Gambling Policy in South Tyneside
PHE ePoster Library, Christina Hardy, 274374
FRESH Street (Sheffield): testing the feasibility of 2 place based, household level, approaches to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption
PHE ePoster Library, C Relton, 274375
Analysis of the People's Panel Healthy Communities Consultation
PHE ePoster Library, Joanne Trigwell, 274376
A Policy Analysis 'Exploring the key challenges to the delivery of Health Impact Assessment policy within the infrastructure development setting in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to enhance service delivery through effective policy implementation'
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Quin, 274378
Tailoring Making Every Contact Count resources in West Sussex
PHE ePoster Library, Dan Barritt, 274388
Southwark’s Public Health Foundation Programme: Developing the future Public Health workforce.
PHE ePoster Library, Talia Boshari, 274389
Mapping the Analytic Workforce: Taking a whole system approach from data to insight
PHE ePoster Library, Janine Dellar, 274390
Building capability and capacity for the public health intelligence workforce in the East of England
PHE ePoster Library, Antoinette Woodhouse, 274391
Does Training for Audit in Public Health make an Impact? A Kirkpatrick Short and Long-Term Evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Amal Rushdy, 274392
Building the workforce capacity to address healthy weight from conception to reception
PHE ePoster Library, Vida Cunningham, 274393
Local Authority workforce mental health training
PHE ePoster Library, Chris Woodcock, 274394
The importance of monitoring a novel antibiotic: National surveillance of ceftazidime-avibactam resistance and usage in England, 2016-2018
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Wilson, 274405
Evaluation of the London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme: a multi-component citywide smoking cessation programme
PHE ePoster Library, Jamie Brown, 274406
Pregnant women's use of and attitudes to e-cigarettes in the UK: a cross-sectional survey
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Bowker, 274407
Predictors of bowel cancer risk factor and symptom knowledge in an ethnically diverse area of Northwest London: a pharmacy based survey study
PHE ePoster Library, Andrew Prentice, 274408
Collaborative Mixed Methods Evaluation Design for Smoking Cessation within a Substance Misuse treatment setting
PHE ePoster Library, Hayley Haynes, 274409
South Tyneside Stop Smoking Service Review - A Medicines Optimisation Approach to Prioritisation
PHE ePoster Library, Steven Carter, 274410
Breathe: Co-design and Launch of a New Stop Smoking Service
PHE ePoster Library, Gary Wootten, 274411
Falls Prevention - A Community Approach to the Problem of Falls
PHE ePoster Library, Dean Metz, 274421
Applying modified-DPSEEA model to frame e-cigarette use as an intervention in tobacco-smoking cessation - an environmental public health perspective
PHE ePoster Library, Tayo Owodunni, 274422
Assessing the value of the South Tyneside Alliance
PHE ePoster Library, Anna Christie, 274423
North East England Local Maternity Systems (LMS): Public Health Prevention Priorities
PHE ePoster Library, Becca Scott, 274424
A local public health and supermarket approach to increase veg consumption for those shopping on a budget
PHE ePoster Library, Katie Cuming, 274426
Using a linked dataset to investigate the characteristics of multiple morbidities in a local population and its impact on health service usage
PHE ePoster Library, Sophia Wang, 274427
A whole systems approach to successful innovation in older people's residential care
PHE ePoster Library, Ala Szczepura, 274428
Establishing a system to monitor psychotropic prescribing in primary care in people with learning disabilities, autism or both
PHE ePoster Library, Hiral Mehta, 274439
Spotting the Signs of Child Trafficking in the NHS: Roma Children, Pregnancy and Exploitation.
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Saunders, 274440
Exploring the use of CO screening by Health visitors to support smoking cessation in pregnancy and the postpartum period.
PHE ePoster Library, Fiona Johnson, 274441
An audit of HIV care in Surrey prisons
PHE ePoster Library, S.y. Chan, 274442
Measuring and Addressing Burnout in Doctors at an Acute NHS Trust
PHE ePoster Library, Molly Thomas-Meyer, 274443
Prescribing trends of gabapentin, pregabalin and oxycodone; a secondary analysis of primary care prescribing patterns in England
PHE ePoster Library, Katlyn Green, 274444
Epidemiological Needs Assessment of Comorbid Depression with Chronic Physical Conditions Using Linked Primary and Secondary Care Data
PHE ePoster Library, Majel McGranahan, 274445
Hospital catchment populations: evaluation of a new method to understand service users and demands
PHE ePoster Library, Caroline Wright, 274456
Significantly higher rates of chlamydia found in army personnel compared with non military patients
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Iveson, 274457
Reducing inequalities in care at an Acute Trust
PHE ePoster Library, Hannah Emmett, 274458
Testing an individual level instrument of self-reported socio-economic deprivation in Hackney
PHE ePoster Library, Sandy Miller, 274459
Capturing learning from implementation approaches of social prescribing in the South West
PHE ePoster Library, Ulrike Harrower, 274460
Raising the profile of public health in an acute trust: collaborative working and changing perceptions
PHE ePoster Library, Michelle Cullinane, 274461
Developing and Refining an Acceptable Nordic Walking Intervention for People with Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases
PHE ePoster Library, Melissa Domaille, 274462
Active 30 Durham a multi-agency partnership approach to support schools to be enable children to be more active.
PHE ePoster Library, Karen McCabe, 274472
Healthy Infant Nutrition – delivering excellent outcomes for Tower Hamlets families
PHE ePoster Library, Simon Twite, 274473
Children under five are associated with household transmission of acute gastroenteritis: database studies of a primary care sentinel network
PHE ePoster Library, Simon de Lusignan, 274474
Using a linked dataset to understand the health and wider determinants of pupils with special needs in a London borough
PHE ePoster Library, Andreea Cetateanu, 274475
Cow's Milk Protein Allergy: A study to explore current practice and knowledge among primary healthcare professionals in Doncaster and Bassetlaw.
PHE ePoster Library, Emma Cribb, 274476
Destination zero: public health leadership in a time of climate emergency
PHE ePoster Library, Anna Brook, 274477
Using AI for syndromic surveillance - 'are we nearly there yet?'
PHE ePoster Library, Roger Morbey, 274488
An evidence-based workplace programme to sit less and move more: SMART Work
PHE ePoster Library, Vicki Johnson, 274489
Population Health Management (PHM) – undertaking the PHM cycle with High Intensity Users
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Maclean, 274490
National Trends in Hospital Admission for Youth Knife-Related Assault 2013/14-2017/18
PHE ePoster Library, Talia Boshari, 274491
Translating data to evidence: helping to state the case for action around drug use deaths
PHE ePoster Library, Gillian Bryant, 274492
Using Interactive Digital Products to inform Community Health Improvement Service Commissioning
PHE ePoster Library, Hayley Haynes, 274493
Public Perception of Using Predictive Analytics for Prevention and Early Intervention
PHE ePoster Library, Effie Argyropoulou, 274504
Heat wave effects on morbidity in the Netherlands using general practice data
PHE ePoster Library, Laurens Severijn Hondema, 274505
Building an Analytic Community of Practice in an Integrated Care System: An Evaluation of Surrey Heartland Hackathon Project
PHE ePoster Library, Julie George, 274506
The case for implementing Supervised Injectable Heroin in the UK
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Dorey, 274507
Trust catchment populations: using Greater London Area population estimates
PHE ePoster Library, Stephanie Shadwell, 274508
Testing the potential for scoring guidance to improve the useability of the PHE Prioritisation Framework: interim evaluation of a Surrey adaptation
PHE ePoster Library, Jamie Fagg, 274509
Optimising the alcohol reduction app, Drink Less
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Garnett, 274520
Salt Swap: A feasibility randomised controlled trial of a behavioural intervention to reduce salt intake among people with high blood pressure
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Payne Riches, 274521
A short term behaviour change intervention that enables people with larger bodies to engage in physical activity, specifically swimming.
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Pursey, 274522
Bracknell Forest Warm Welcome Programme
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Green, 274523
Creating and testing an online digital health check tool, to increase uptake and engagement with the NHS Health Check programme in Southwark.
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Stokes, 274524
ENGAGE: a network meta-analysis of interventions to reduce hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption
PHE ePoster Library, Susan Bowett, 274525
Evaluation of the Heatwave Plan for England
PHE ePoster Library, Lorraine Williams, 274536
A modelling tool to assist resource planning and impact assessment in Pandemic Flu or a large Infectious disease outbreak in Northamptonshire
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Hoy, 274537
Childhood vaccine coverage and population susceptibility to measles in the West Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Emma Booth, 274538
Managing presumptive Paratyphoid B to minimise harm from unnecessary exclusion from child care or work
PHE ePoster Library, Wendy Leung, 274539
Developing an Immunisation Strategy and Action Plan in Southwark 2019-2021
PHE ePoster Library, Manuj Sharma, 274540
An Evaluation of the Seasonal Flu Vaccination Offer to South Gloucestershire Council Staff
PHE ePoster Library, Amy Thacker, 274541

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