An analysis of alcohol sales in 2014
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Sweeney, 186440
The development of a UTI leaflet to improve antibiotic prescribing and increase self-care.
PHE ePoster Library, Leah Jones, 186441
Antibiotic consumption and stewardship data at your Fingertips
PHE ePoster Library, Emma Budd, 186443
Analysis of 42,457 Antibiotic Guardians who have pledged to contribute to tackling antimicrobial resistance
PHE ePoster Library, Sophie Newitt, 186444
Practice Profiles Plus: a resource for facilitating health professionals' understanding of cancer metrics
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Young, 186456
Prevalence of subsequent primary tumours with demographic variation for those living with cancer in London
PHE ePoster Library, Molly Loughran, 186457
Development of an East Midlands NHS Health Check outcome data infographic
PHE ePoster Library, Sean Meehan, 186459
Do NHS Health Checks reach those with greatest CVD risk? Investigating the effect of age, gender, ethnicity and deprivation on the use of NHS Health Checks in General Practice.
PHE ePoster Library, Gloria Beckett, 186461
Comparison of statistical algorithms for the detection of outbreaks
PHE ePoster Library, Roger Morbey, 186479
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale: A Data Warehouse Supporting The Real-time Syndromic Surveillance Team (RESST)
PHE ePoster Library, Paul Loveridge, 186480
“Let me just Google that……” - An observational study to explore what added value Google search data can provide to existing syndromic surveillance systems in England
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Green, 186481
From 15 days to 15 hours: performance gains using modern Business Intelligence methods
PHE ePoster Library, Darryl Houghton, 186482
The Public Health England Health Equity Dashboard - monitoring inequalities in key health indicators
PHE ePoster Library, Charlotte Fellows, 186483
Lessons from East Riding needle exchange services (NES): Analysing use and demographics of heroin and image and performance enhancing drug (IPED) use to guide service provision
PHE ePoster Library, Tony Margetts, 186499
Energy drink consumption, mental health and alcohol and cigarette use in secondary school children in England
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Knights, 186502
Ethical challenges of providing end of life care in an Ebola treatment unit (2014-2015)
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Draper, 186503
Seroconversion for Infectious Pathogens among UK Military Personnel Deployed to Kenya, 2009-2014
PHE ePoster Library, Deborah Wright, 186516
Health-related indicators in The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
PHE ePoster Library, Rishma Maini, 186517
What determines whether older people with long-term illnesses are in work or workless? A study of Greater Manchester residents in the 2011 Census 5% microdata
PHE ePoster Library, Thomas Hennell, 186518
Musculoskeletal Health in The Workplace - Learning from and supporting Employers
PHE ePoster Library, Shukru Esmene, 186519
Working with communities to implement and evaluate a community health promotion programme
PHE ePoster Library, Colin Baker, 186532
The app that maps communities' health assets and barriers
PHE ePoster Library, Phil Veasey, 186533
How can we evaluate asset-based approaches for health and wellbeing? A rapid review and mapping
PHE ePoster Library, Jane South, 186534
Using local area child poverty profiles as a tool to enable communities to understand and address child poverty
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Heathcote, 186535
Gipsy Hill Food Village Hub - A Community-led Approach to Positively Influencing the Local Food System
PHE ePoster Library, Vida Cunningham, 186536
Commissioning of a user-led Best Start Peer Support Service
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Brighton, 186549
Addressing barriers to healthy eating for families living in areas of deprivation with Make, Move, Munch Clubs
PHE ePoster Library, Katherine Hale, 186550
Reducing health inequalities of poor diet, inactivity and social isolation through targeted school and nursery holiday provision - the Holiday Kitchen exemplar
PHE ePoster Library, Caroline Wolhuter, 186551
Solihull Approach Antenatal Parenting Education Giving Parents and Infants the Best Start in Solihull
PHE ePoster Library, Ian Mather, 186552
Southampton Healthy Homes (SHH): Taking a needs based approach to reducing fuel poverty risk amongst Southampton residents
PHE ePoster Library, Debbie Chase, 186553
A comparison of two methods of targeting housing interventions to improve health and wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Jon Bird, 186554
PHE ePoster Library, Sebastian Hinde, 186567
Reducing the pressure on the NHS by tackling hypertension: Making the economic case in Cheshire and Merseyside
PHE ePoster Library, Ifeoma Onyia, 186569
Understanding investing in health to reduce vulnerability and address economic inequality.
PHE ePoster Library, Lorcan Clarke, 186570
An integrated learning scheme for community practitioners involved in the care of children and young people
PHE ePoster Library, Meradin Peachey, 186571
Responding to the revised PHSKF: UKPHR registration
PHE ePoster Library, David Kidney, 186572
Managing demand in a tough financial climate - Is a community-based volunteer-led service the answer? An evaluation of a perinatal mental health coach programme.
PHE ePoster Library, Natalia Clifford, 186585
Developing a multi-agency perinatal mental health pathway: A system leadership approach to a wicked problem.
PHE ePoster Library, Natalia Clifford, 186587
Beat the Street - A gamification based community wide physical activity intervention
PHE ePoster Library, Marc Harris, 186589
Learning from the ethical challenges experienced by UK military medical personnel deployed to Sierra Leone during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak
PHE ePoster Library, Heather Draper, 186603
Rising Tide - Demonstrating a Sustained Major Emergency Response Strategy
PHE ePoster Library, Julia Parker, 186604
European Multiple Environmental Threats Emergency Network (EMETNET)
PHE ePoster Library, Emma-Jane Goode, 186606
The future burden of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Assessing the impact of demographic and workplace change
PHE ePoster Library, Nicholas Warren, 186607
Producing modelled estimates of the size of the LGB population of England
PHE ePoster Library, Natasha Roberts, 186608
Impact of applying ethnic-specific body mass index adjustments on population overweight-obesity burdens in the National Child Measurement Programme
PHE ePoster Library, Mohammed T Hudda, 186619
Is modern slavery a public health issue?
PHE ePoster Library, Liz Such, 186620
Supporting members with a learning disability within Slimming World groups
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Bennett, 186621
Engaging with young adults with mild-moderate learning disabilities in a mixed-method evaluation of a pilot weight management programme (Shape Up-LD) in Camden - What works?
PHE ePoster Library, Rosa Lau, 186622
Modelling the impact of fuel poverty and energy efficiency on health
PHE ePoster Library, Richard Sharpe, 186623
Challenges to improve the nutritional quality of foods served by small independent takeaway outlets: Lessons from the 'Eating Out Coventry' project
PHE ePoster Library, Angela Hands, 186624
Active national surveillance to evaluate the performance and outcomes of newborn bloodspot screening for congenital hypothyroidism in the UK.
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Knowles, 186636
Perceptions of HIV testing in 3 distinct settings among MSM
PHE ePoster Library, Rusi Jaspal, 186638
Intervening early in risky behaviours: sexual health and substance misuse
PHE ePoster Library, Jane Craig, 186639
Predictors of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection in primary care: A systematic review
PHE ePoster Library, Benhildah N Rumbwere, 186640
'Let's Stop HIV': Evaluation of an HIV prevention programme targeting Latin Americans in London
PHE ePoster Library, Zahra Jamal, 186641
Health Inequalities, Risky Behaviours and Protective Factors in Wiltshire Adolescents: An Analysis of Secondary Survey Data
PHE ePoster Library, Katie Currie, 186652
Stop Smoking Practitioners' views on and experiences of e-cigarettes
PHE ePoster Library, Rosemary Hiscock, 186653
Going Smokefree the Northumbria Way - a whole system approach to reducing smoking prevalence in secondary care
PHE ePoster Library, Judith Stonebridge, 186654
Can social inequalities explain differences in smoking prevalence?
PHE ePoster Library, Marie Horton, 186655
Developing an electronic cigarette policy for Hertfordshire - achieving consensus
PHE ePoster Library, Piers Simey, 186656
Introduction of fully smoke free policies in two mental health NHS Foundation Trusts: a process evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Susan E Jones, 186657
Evaluation of a Cancer Research UK mass media campaign to tell the public about the link between cancer and obesity
PHE ePoster Library, Emily Power, 186669
Jamie's Ministry of Food has significant positive effects on dietary behaviour and food choice.
PHE ePoster Library, Rosanna Bluett, 186670
What's HOT? Healthier options in the 'out of home' environment
PHE ePoster Library, Kathy Holmes, 186671
Soil Association Out to Lunch campaign's framework for children's food in high street restaurant chains and visitor attractions
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Percival, 186672
Turning the Tide: A Community Centred Approach to Type 2 Diabetes Management
PHE ePoster Library, Zuber Ahmed, 186673
Lambeth Natural Thinkers Programme - Promoting Health and Wellbeing by Connecting Urban Children to Nature using Nursery and School settings.
PHE ePoster Library, Vida Cunningham, 186685
Working towards offering flu vaccination in Sandwell and West Birmingham: a data linkage case study
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Fung, 186686
Has there been an increase in GP fever consultations for infants in the year following the introduction of the Meningococcal B vaccination?
PHE ePoster Library, Sally Harcourt, 186687
Health Protection Response to the first onward transmission of toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae within England in 30 years.
PHE ePoster Library, Dianne Kent, 186688
An assessment of the public health impact of lowering the routine cohort age for herpes zoster (HZ) vaccination in England
PHE ePoster Library, Gideon Jinadu, 186690
The national HIV self-sampling campaign: Successful targeting of those most at risk and not testing in traditional settings
PHE ePoster Library, Louise Logan, 138118
Bringing postnatal contraception back into the hospital
PHE ePoster Library, Jessica Fleminger, 138073
#getchecked? - Using insight to inform and co-produce innovation with the aim of increasing access to sexual health services in Hertfordshire by men aged 18-50.
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Bacon, 138025
Chemsex in the PROUD study
PHE ePoster Library, Monica Desai, 137968
A novel partner notification tool highlights differences in sexual network adoption
PHE ePoster Library, Anatole Menon-Johansson, 137965
Using the RE-AIM Framework to Evaluate a Public Health Physical Activity Intervention Delivered in Primary Care.
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Hotham, 137956
Reducing the risk of NEET through family and housing support
PHE ePoster Library, Kim Ross-Houle, 138066
Evaluation of the babyClear© intervention to promote smoking cessation among pregnant women in North East England
PHE ePoster Library, Ailsa Rutter, 137940
The short and long-term cost-effectiveness of a pedometer based intervention in primary care
PHE ePoster Library, Julia Fox-Rushby, 138101
Public acceptability of emergency decontamination: effects of decontamination method and responder management strategy
PHE ePoster Library, Holly Carter, 138102
Factors affecting General Practice-Voluntary and Community Sector (VSC) collaboration to address health inequalities in deprived communities
PHE ePoster Library, Kris Southby, 138009
Utilisation of environmental Legionella qPCR for outbreak and incident investigations
PHE ePoster Library, Sam Collins, 138054
From effective trial to NHS implementation: progressing the primary care Pedometer And Consultation Evaluation (PACE-UP) randomised controlled trial into routine practice
PHE ePoster Library, Tess Harris, 138113
The Impacts of roadside Nitrogen dioxide emissions on the health and wellbeing of asthmatics in Guernsey
PHE ePoster Library, Cathy Rirsch, 137875
Injury Prevention Briefing, an online resource for practitioners
PHE ePoster Library, Toity Deave, 137947
A randomised controlled trial of a web-based intervention (POWeR+) with brief nurse support to manage obesity in primary care.
PHE ePoster Library, Judith Joseph, 137885
Jobs, Friends and Houses: A social enterprise that promotes recovery pathways and community-focused public health
PHE ePoster Library, Steve Hodgkins, 137970
Exploring identity and sexual health management strategies among HIV-positive Colombian MSM in London
PHE ePoster Library, Periklis Papaloukas, 138143
Impact of an enhanced NCMP feedback letter on uptake of weight management services overweight children: A Cluster RCT
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Howard, 137949
Use of a non-participant reminder and social marketing leaflet to improve uptake of Bowel Scope Screening in England: a three arm Randomised Controlled Trial
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Kerrison, 138016
Can social prescribing improve health, wellbeing and quality of life?
PHE ePoster Library, Mel Steer, 138028
Improvements in parenting achieved with innovative online course: a contribution to reducing the lifelong impact of Adverse Childhood Events?
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Johnson, 137892
Impact of the Food for Life programme on primary school children's consumption of fruit and vegetables
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Jones, 138074
Healthy Living Clubs (HLCs) demonstrate sustainability and behaviour change amongst older people
PHE ePoster Library, David Bishop, 138120
A coordinated approach to tackling tuberculosis in the South West: Managing contrasting levels of health need and working towards collaboration
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Edmunds, 137893
Building a systematic approach to behaviour change
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Long, 137910
South East London Illegal Tobacco Network
PHE ePoster Library, Susan Unger, 137927
Implementation of a Sexual Behaviours Framework in Cornwall: embedding sexual health and development within the children, young people's workforce
PHE ePoster Library, Alexa Gainsbury, 137946
Modifying a mainstream weight management intervention for use with people with intellectual disabilities: a user centred approach
PHE ePoster Library, Liz Croot, 137984

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