Ageing well through community based personalised prevention.
PHE ePoster Library, Richard Stanford-Beale, 186433
Smarter Travel Challenge Workshops for Year 6 pupils on their Secondary School Transition Day
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Deakin, 186434
Can we understand the effects of traffic related air pollution without measuring air pollution?
PHE ePoster Library, David Lemon, 186435
A survey of local authorities to identify and promote best practice to mitigate air pollution and promote healthful environments
PHE ePoster Library, Mark Reacher, 186436
A behaviour change framework and toolkit to support workforce development
PHE ePoster Library, Aoife Barror, 186450
Using market segmentation to explore seasonal flu vaccination uptake among those under 65 in risk groups within the East of England
PHE ePoster Library, Amy Trindall, 186452
Cluster Analysis of Clinical Commissioning Groups in England Using Cancer Outcomes
PHE ePoster Library, Christine Delon, 186454
Modelling the impact of preventative interventions on the Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) pathway: A novel approach
PHE ePoster Library, Ash More, 186472
Building Equity Effectiveness And Efficiency Through Whole System Commissioning
PHE ePoster Library, Stuart Burley, 186475
Hospital Trust Catchment populations: A denominator to support commissioning decisions through understanding the population likely to draw on a hospital's services.
PHE ePoster Library, James Perry, 186476
Examining strategies to increase knowledge mobilisation between Public Health England and key stakeholders: a mixed methods study.
PHE ePoster Library, Oyinlola Oyebode, 186477
The power of digital: delivering behaviour change, efficiency and cost-savings through an online service
PHE ePoster Library, Gillian Holdsworth, 186492
PHE's Health Matters - a multi-channel digital resource for professionals
PHE ePoster Library, Sanjay Tanday, 186493
Online and redefined: Refreshing our approach to the JSNA
PHE ePoster Library, Owen Richardson, 186495
A systematic review of the use of social media for the delivery of health promotion on smoking, nutrition and physical activity
PHE ePoster Library, David Johns, 186496
Mortality by country of birth among residents of England
PHE ePoster Library, Nicholas Coyle, 186497
PHE Compendium of Chemical Hazards; a free online resource for health professionals and the public
PHE ePoster Library, Laura Girling, 186509
Working and learning globally: The Peoples-uni social model for global public health capacity building
PHE ePoster Library, Oyinlola Oyebode, 186512
Mapping International Health Partnerships within Public Health Wales
PHE ePoster Library, Lauren Ellis, 186513
Occupational Asthma and Respiratory Symptoms in Healthcare Cleaners
PHE ePoster Library, Amy Gyte, 186525
Berkshire Wearable Technology Pilot
PHE ePoster Library, Kate Knight, 186526
An integrated approach to improving staff health and well-being in a large NHS trust
PHE ePoster Library, Kylie Murrell, 186527
Youth health champions: a place-based approach to promoting health and wellbeing in secondary schools
PHE ePoster Library, Samantha Taplin, 186530
Online antenatal course results in reduced anxiety, increased intention to breastfeed and improved parent-infant relationships
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Johnson, 186542
Supporting smoking cessation in pregnancy through maternity services
PHE ePoster Library, James Morris, 186543
Maternal obesity and multiple deprivation in Portsmouth
PHE ePoster Library, Inna Walker, 186544
Volunteering and Early Childhood Outcomes - Evidence into Practice
PHE ePoster Library, Dulcie McBride, 186545
Sustainable prevention: collaborative working to facilitate an efficient hand hygiene intervention in Dorset primary school children
PHE ePoster Library, Alexandra Rutherford, 186546
The cost burden of public health interventions across multiple budgets
PHE ePoster Library, Susan Griffin, 186561
Working towards a fairer society: Sharing the learning from the East Midlands Health Literacy Demonstrator site
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Hassell, 186562
Cost effectiveness of cascade testing for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, based on data from FH services in the UK
PHE ePoster Library, Robert Pears, 186563
Trends in prevalence of mental health problems in primary care: an electronic health record study
PHE ePoster Library, Lauren Barnett, 186580
Risk factors for disability of the person with lived experience of schizophrenia, based on the perception of caregiver.
PHE ePoster Library, Herath Wijesekara, 186581
Title : Real Time Suicide Surveillance Pilot - North Lincolnshire
PHE ePoster Library, Victoria Gibbs, 186582
Equity Audit of Mental Health Services in Birmingham: a cross sectional analysis
PHE ePoster Library, Fatumo Abdi, 186583
A Public Mental Health approach to improving emotional wellbeing in schools
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Nicholson, 186584
Monsters, Mapping and Mentoring: Piloting innovation within the transport discipline across the wider determinants of health to improve health outcomes.
PHE ePoster Library, Pam Turton, 186597
Public Health grant funding to innovate sexual health and substance misuse services to test new ideas and identify emerging health issues
PHE ePoster Library, Matt Clack, 186598
Presenting local inequalities when commissioning for Public Health Outcomes
PHE ePoster Library, Peter Cornish, 186600
Working together for a place where everyone can achieve a healthy weight: Hackney Obesity Strategic Partnership
PHE ePoster Library, Damani Goldstein, 186601
A school Outbreak of Influenza - lessons learned from the Stockport Way
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Turner, 186602
The effects of public health policies on health inequalities: an umbrella review
PHE ePoster Library, Frances Hillier-Brown, 186614
Study of relationship between social economic status and food intake of Japanese household - Health gap in Japan-
PHE ePoster Library, Akiko Kiyohara, 186615
Re-writing the Futures of homeless young people with multiple complex needs through Social Impact Bonds
PHE ePoster Library, Jackie Redding, 186616 a novel website to support dietary assessment in health research
PHE ePoster Library, Janet Cade, 186617
A Survey of North East Trusts' Implementation Practices of the 'Visitor and Migrant NHS Cost Recovery Programme'.
PHE ePoster Library, Hayley Coleman, 186618
Alternative measures of average life span, by socio-economic position in England and Wales: a 30 years comparison
PHE ePoster Library, Asim Butt, 186629
Making Research Real: Evaluating the Bromley by Bow Model
PHE ePoster Library, Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin, 186630
Peer Review in Public Health: is it worth doing? Short and Long Term Evaluation Study
PHE ePoster Library, Allison Parr, 186631
A test of narrative messaging to reduce parents' negative reactions and enhance intentions to act following feedback that a child is overweight
PHE ePoster Library, Fiona Gillison, 186633
Health inequalities in rural areas of the West Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Dennis, 186634
Understanding the knowledge and perception of HIV among the African and Caribbean population in North London to encourage early testing: promoting a healthier fairer society
PHE ePoster Library, Negin Sarafraz-Shekary, 186646
Women's voices: reproductive health user needs
PHE ePoster Library, Carla Stanke, 186647
Is targeted HIV prevention diminishing in high prevalence areas of England?
PHE ePoster Library, Kat Smithson, 186648
Characteristics of late HIV diagnosis in Norfolk
PHE ePoster Library, Tracey Milligan, 186649
Does Social Marketing Benefit the Implementation of Smoke-free Policy in a Mental Health Setting?
PHE ePoster Library, Russ Moody, 186650
Inequalities in smoking amongst adult males over time in Great Britain
PHE ePoster Library, Caroline Rumble, 186651
STPs and Healthcare Public Health : a foot in the door
PHE ePoster Library, Ayesha Ali, 186663
Understanding preferences for care to inform a STP using best-worst scaling
PHE ePoster Library, Kathryn Green, 186664
What are the views of overweight and obese adolescents (12-17yrs) attending lifestyle treatment interventions: a qualitative systematic review.
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Jones, 186666
Tackling obesity: Redbridge's approach to leisure centre vending machines
PHE ePoster Library, Alison Burford, 186667
The association between area-based deprivation and change in body mass index in Hampshire primary school children: a population-based cohort study
PHE ePoster Library, Abbie Twaits, 186668
Not all Shiga toxin Escherichia Coli (STEC) are the same! Modelling the impact of different options for public health action using data from a local enhanced surveillance system
PHE ePoster Library, Lisa Harvey-Vince, 186679
Spatial Planning for Health & Wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Jenny Charles-Jones, 186680
Promoting public health and wellbeing through collaboration on local authority management of public green/blue space
PHE ePoster Library, Benedict Wheeler, 186681
Urban green space interventions: can the science of microbiomes be used to write a global prevention at scale prescription?
PHE ePoster Library, Chris Skelly, 186683
Exploring Impact Evidence: Driving Change in Public Health
PHE ePoster Library, Hannah Dorling, 186684
Uncovering the complexity of workplace wellbeing using a cross-case analysis approach
PHE ePoster Library, Clare Pettinger, 193360
Who Uses Exercise In Later Life? A critical ethnographic study
PHE ePoster Library, Esther Clift, 193361
The BHF PocketCPR smartphone application:'staying alive' with bystander CPR.
PHE ePoster Library, John Renshaw, 193362
Promoting workplace wellbeing through employee engagement
PHE ePoster Library, Laran Chetty, 193363
The national HIV self-sampling campaign: Successful targeting of those most at risk and not testing in traditional settings
PHE ePoster Library, Louise Logan, 138118
Bringing postnatal contraception back into the hospital
PHE ePoster Library, Jessica Fleminger, 138073
#getchecked? - Using insight to inform and co-produce innovation with the aim of increasing access to sexual health services in Hertfordshire by men aged 18-50.
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Bacon, 138025
Chemsex in the PROUD study
PHE ePoster Library, Monica Desai, 137968
A novel partner notification tool highlights differences in sexual network adoption
PHE ePoster Library, Anatole Menon-Johansson, 137965
Using the RE-AIM Framework to Evaluate a Public Health Physical Activity Intervention Delivered in Primary Care.
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Hotham, 137956
Reducing the risk of NEET through family and housing support
PHE ePoster Library, Kim Ross-Houle, 138066
Evaluation of the babyClear© intervention to promote smoking cessation among pregnant women in North East England
PHE ePoster Library, Ailsa Rutter, 137940
The short and long-term cost-effectiveness of a pedometer based intervention in primary care
PHE ePoster Library, Julia Fox-Rushby, 138101
Public acceptability of emergency decontamination: effects of decontamination method and responder management strategy
PHE ePoster Library, Holly Carter, 138102
Factors affecting General Practice-Voluntary and Community Sector (VSC) collaboration to address health inequalities in deprived communities
PHE ePoster Library, Kris Southby, 138009
Utilisation of environmental Legionella qPCR for outbreak and incident investigations
PHE ePoster Library, Sam Collins, 138054
From effective trial to NHS implementation: progressing the primary care Pedometer And Consultation Evaluation (PACE-UP) randomised controlled trial into routine practice
PHE ePoster Library, Tess Harris, 138113
The Impacts of roadside Nitrogen dioxide emissions on the health and wellbeing of asthmatics in Guernsey
PHE ePoster Library, Cathy Rirsch, 137875
Injury Prevention Briefing, an online resource for practitioners
PHE ePoster Library, Toity Deave, 137947
A randomised controlled trial of a web-based intervention (POWeR+) with brief nurse support to manage obesity in primary care.
PHE ePoster Library, Judith Joseph, 137885
Jobs, Friends and Houses: A social enterprise that promotes recovery pathways and community-focused public health
PHE ePoster Library, Steve Hodgkins, 137970
Exploring identity and sexual health management strategies among HIV-positive Colombian MSM in London
PHE ePoster Library, Periklis Papaloukas, 138143
Impact of an enhanced NCMP feedback letter on uptake of weight management services overweight children: A Cluster RCT
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Howard, 137949
Use of a non-participant reminder and social marketing leaflet to improve uptake of Bowel Scope Screening in England: a three arm Randomised Controlled Trial
PHE ePoster Library, Rob Kerrison, 138016
Can social prescribing improve health, wellbeing and quality of life?
PHE ePoster Library, Mel Steer, 138028
Improvements in parenting achieved with innovative online course: a contribution to reducing the lifelong impact of Adverse Childhood Events?
PHE ePoster Library, Rebecca Johnson, 137892
Impact of the Food for Life programme on primary school children's consumption of fruit and vegetables
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Jones, 138074
Healthy Living Clubs (HLCs) demonstrate sustainability and behaviour change amongst older people
PHE ePoster Library, David Bishop, 138120
Saving Babies Lives: Smoking in Pregnancy - Achieving a consensus to reduce smoking in pregnancy by 10% through 2016/17
PHE ePoster Library, Neil Wood, 137886
A behavioural science and user-centred design led healthy eating app supporting parents in childhood weight management
PHE ePoster Library, Kristina Curtis, 137904
The Factors That Have Impact on Older People's Mental Well-being: An Analysis of Older People's Needs for, Receipt of and Unmet Needs for Care in England
PHE ePoster Library, Jingjing Wang, 137921
Clusters of local health behaviours
PHE ePoster Library, Katherine Korner, 137958
An Appetite for Change : A “MUST” nutritional screening pilot for the community setting in Dorset
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Partridge, 137977

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