Developing R&D capacity in PHE North East
PHE ePoster Library, Mark Lambert, 137873
The revised Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Cotter, 137874
Acting Early: An innovative integrated model of care for children aged 0-5 years in Coventry helping to give every child the best start in life
PHE ePoster Library, Harbir Nagra, 137888
Take Action today, Put them away
PHE ePoster Library, Ashley Martin, 137890
Suicide prevention and building resilience through sport
PHE ePoster Library, Joe Chidanyika, 137891
A coordinated approach to tackling tuberculosis in the South West: Managing contrasting levels of health need and working towards collaboration
PHE ePoster Library, Matthew Edmunds, 137893
Using innovative methodology to understand our populations as part of complex adaptive systems.
PHE ePoster Library, Esther Hall (CPsychol), 137906
Congenital Zika Syndrome: establishing obstetric and paediatric surveillance in the UK and ROI
PHE ePoster Library, Clarissa Oeser, 137907
Waste is More
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Possingham, 137908
An evaluation framework for Making Every Contact Count across Kent Surrey and Sussex
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Jewell, 137909
Building a systematic approach to behaviour change
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Long, 137910
Kent and Medway Public Health Champions - Turning Evidence into Outcomes
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Shaw, 137923
Developing and evaluating neighbourhood system resilience interventions to reduce health inequalities
PHE ePoster Library, Paula Wheeler, 137924
Youth Health Champions in Schools and Youth Settings
PHE ePoster Library, Anna Zilnyk, 137925
Alcohol misuse and injury outcomes in young people aged 10-24: A cohort analysis using linked primary and secondary data in England
PHE ePoster Library, Louise Lester, 137926
South East London Illegal Tobacco Network
PHE ePoster Library, Susan Unger, 137927
Type 2 diabetes results in increased infection rates, particularly amongst people with poor glycaemic control: population-based cohort study
PHE ePoster Library, Simon de Lusignan, 137942
Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for the Armed Services Community
PHE ePoster Library, Diane Crone, 137943
Implementation of a Sexual Behaviours Framework in Cornwall: embedding sexual health and development within the children, young people's workforce
PHE ePoster Library, Alexa Gainsbury, 137944
Taking A Quality Assurance Approach to Preventive Healthcare Education for our Future Healthcare Workforce
PHE ePoster Library, Alison Farrar, 137945
Implementation of a Sexual Behaviours Framework in Cornwall: embedding sexual health and development within the children, young people's workforce
PHE ePoster Library, Alexa Gainsbury, 137946
Whole genome sequencing of an influenza outbreak on a haematology ward
PHE ePoster Library, Ruth Blackburn, 137960
Securing commitment to a Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight in Blackpool
PHE ePoster Library, Lynn Donkin, 137961
Health Literacy: a Public Health Priority in Stoke-on Trent
PHE ePoster Library, Mike Oliver, 137962
Prevention in action: why the Care Act's prevention duty matters to public health and the NHS
PHE ePoster Library, Olivia Field, 137963
SH:24 - agile, digital innovation to deliver sex and reproductive health 24 hours a day - from concept to a commissioned service.
PHE ePoster Library, Gillian Holdsworth, 137980
The value of providing eTherapies within mental health services of the future: Clinical outcomes and guidance for commissioning
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Elison, 137981
Using digital technologies to address alcohol harms: The potential of Breaking Free Online to overcome a major public health concern
PHE ePoster Library, Jonathan Ward, 137982
Applying behavioural change science using digital technologies: Development and evaluation of the Breaking Free Online treatment and recovery programme for substance misuse
PHE ePoster Library, Jonathan Ward, 137983
Modifying a mainstream weight management intervention for use with people with intellectual disabilities: a user centred approach
PHE ePoster Library, Liz Croot, 137984
The Science of Using Science: what works in research uptake?
PHE ePoster Library, Nancy Hey, 138000
"Pioneering Public Health"
PHE ePoster Library, Susannah Ramsay, 138001
Opioid Analgesic Dependence (OAD) Getting ahead of the Game in North Lincolnshire
PHE ePoster Library, Graeme Dixon, 138002
Increasing anticoagulation usage in atrial fibrillation patients with a CHADS-VASc score > 1 in West Kent
PHE ePoster Library, Malti Varshney, 138003
Suicide and the Five-year Forward View For Mental Health- Maximising the utility of local suicide audits to achieve a 10% reduction in the national suicide rate
PHE ePoster Library, David Munday, Sal Culmer, 138005
Volunteering as a public health issue: Barriers to participation
PHE ePoster Library, Kris Southby, 138006
The epidemiology and burden of pneumococcal disease and vaccination in Europe: results from the European Commission H2020 I-MOVE+ cost-effectiveness project
PHE ePoster Library, Richard Pebody, 138017
Disease trends for all-cause pneumonia in the conjugate vaccine era in England, 2004 to 2015
PHE ePoster Library, Dominic Thorrington, 138018
Assessing the health impacts of short-term exposure to ground-level ozone in the UK from 2001-2014
PHE ePoster Library, Sotiris Vardoulakis, 138019
Exploring the patient experience in a supervised exercise intervention for participants with venous ulcers
PHE ePoster Library, Sue Kesterton, 138020
Beyond these 4 walls: a partnership approach to domestic abuse needs assessment
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Chapman, 138021
Preventing high blood pressure (BP) and its consequences: Implementing the Five Year Forward View in Cheshire and Merseyside with a cross-sector system leadership approach
PHE ePoster Library, Dawn Leicester, 138022
Fish Well: Delivering health interventions to Norfolk Fishermen through an innovative outreach programme
PHE ePoster Library, Michele Taylor, 138033
Understanding clinical decision making relating to the treatment of cancer in older patients across the UK
PHE ePoster Library, George Butterworth, 138035
What is the association between spatial access to purposefully constructed play areas and healthy weight in reception age children?
PHE ePoster Library, Robin Poole, 138036
“That was then, this is now” - improved nowcasting tools for public health surveillance
PHE ePoster Library, Roger Morbey, 138037
Retrospective observational study of the epidemiological characteristics of suspected and confirmed Norovirus outbreaks in hospitals in the West Midlands, 2011 - 2016
PHE ePoster Library, Shakeel Suleman, 138038
Public health nursing teams and health inequalities: defining an effective model for practice
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Waithaka and Dr. Katherine Harvey, 138039
How to prioritise Public Health spending in a Local Authority
PHE ePoster Library, David Gardiner, 138050
Assessing the efficacy of museums as partners in social prescribing schemes designed to improve wellbeing and social inclusion for older adults
PHE ePoster Library, Bridget Lockyer, 138051
Daily Mile - a partnership approach to creating active schools and children in
PHE ePoster Library, Lydia Orford, 138052
PHE ePoster Library, Louis Gauntlett, 138053
Self-assessment of antimicrobial stewardship in primary care: analysis of self-reported practice using the TARGET Primary Care Self Assessment Tool
PHE ePoster Library, Cliodna McNulty, 138055
PHE ePoster Library, Rachel Glass, 138067
NHS Healthy Workforce Programme
PHE ePoster Library, Eric Barratt, 138068
The geographical and time-series health inequality patterns of alcohol related hospital admissions
PHE ePoster Library, Colin Shevills, 138069
Smokefree mental health services in England: Implementation document for providers of mental health services
PHE ePoster Library, Rubyni Krishnan, 138070
“It's a complex mesh”- how large-scale health system reorganisation affected the delivery of the immunisation programme in England: a qualitative study
PHE ePoster Library, Tracey Chantler, 138071
Using Individual School Health Profiles to Engage Schools in Walsall
PHE ePoster Library, Esther Higdon, 138082
Supporting early years settings to tackle the issue of obesity: The Healthy Active Little Ones (HALO) - East Sussex programme
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Blake, 138083
Delivering intelligence to support local public health priorities and commissioning: an example of good practice in Cheshire and Merseyside
PHE ePoster Library, Bates Geoff, 138084
Modelling the health impacts of the Urban Heat Island, and the potential benefits of mitigation interventions across the West Midlands
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Macintyre, 138085
Energy intake affects diet quality in adolescent girls in the National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme (NDNS RP)
PHE ePoster Library, Caireen Roberts, 138086
Reducing the burden of smoking amongst people with Mental Health Illness
PHE ePoster Library, Ailsa Rutter, 138087
Implementing a wet facility to support street drinkers
PHE ePoster Library, Ellie McCoy, 138099
A health economics report exploring the case for investing in Early Years in Wales
PHE ePoster Library, Huw Lloyd-Williams, 138100
Which cancer waiting times measure has the greatest impact on 62 day wait failure?
PHE ePoster Library, Emily Maxwell, 138103
Active together: understanding non-disabled people's attitudes towards taking part in sport with disabled people
PHE ePoster Library, Francis Leng, 138104
PHE and NHS England - Implementing the Collaborative Tuberculosis Strategy for England, 2015 to 2020
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Anderson, 138115
A large outbreak of giardiasis linked to a private swimming pool: lessons for outbreak detection and investigation
PHE ePoster Library, James Elston, 138116
East Sussex Energy Partnership's programme of action to protect individuals and communities from the effects of living in a cold home
PHE ePoster Library, David Bishop, 138117
CLeaR Assessment.......turning the assessment outcomes in to action
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Morris, 138119
Reproductive Health of London Women aged 25-49 years
PHE ePoster Library, Janice Lo, 138132
Prevalence and clustering of unhealthy behaviours in young people: An analysis of health and wellbeing surveys in Southeast England
PHE ePoster Library, Anjum Memon, 138133
Tackling inequalities within abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
PHE ePoster Library, Lisa Summers, 138134
Prevention of death from ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm
PHE ePoster Library, Lisa Summers, 138136
Development and implementation of a culturally adapted children's weight management programme in Birmingham
PHE ePoster Library, Kiya Hurley, 138137
Engaging with Communities to influence their local Food System in order to improve their Health and Wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Vida Cunningham, 138140
PHE ePoster Library, Yasser Din, 138152
Political & Institutional Economy Analysis - WHO International Health Regulations 2005 & Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response in Pakistan
PHE ePoster Library, Annette Luker, 138153
HEALTHY-POLIS: Challenges and Opportunities for Urban Environmental Health and Sustainability
PHE ePoster Library, Sotiris Vardoulakis, 138154
The impact of a Quality Premium on Antibiotic Prescribing in Primary Care
PHE ePoster Library, Susan Hopkins, 138155
Evaluation of well-being outcomes in older people receiving help from the Age UK 'Together for Health' initiative
PHE ePoster Library, Anne-Marie Bagnall, 138156
Narrative review - Understanding communities and cultures - 5th Wave of public health improvement
PHE ePoster Library, Hashum Mahmood, 138157

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