Action to address poor and unequal health: a modelling study in Scotland
PHE ePoster Library, Mark Robinson, 274325
The impact of individual alcohol licensing decisions on health and crime using local, small-scale natural experiments
PHE ePoster Library, Frank De Vocht, 274377
Bowel cancer screening in an English prison: a qualitative service evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Blagden, 274285
Increasing the reach of behaviour change support
PHE ePoster Library, Peter Aston, 274286
The Yemen Mobile Health Project and Cholera
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Marchant, 274299
A literature review of the epidemiology of poisoning in Ethiopia to support development of training materials to establish a poisons centre
PHE ePoster Library, Pardeep Jagpal, 274300
Challenges in implementing a new national disease surveillance system in Pakistan so it can be compliant with International Health Regulations (2005)
PHE ePoster Library, Naveed Syed, 274302
First two-year review of Pakistan's Event Based Surveillance System (EBS) for a Diseases Surveillance and Response (IDSR) Programme
PHE ePoster Library, Najma Javed, 274303
Gender-related differences in care-seeking behaviour for newborns: a systematic review of the evidence in South Asia
PHE ePoster Library, Amy McCullough, 274304
Reducing Childhood Obesity: Food Innovation Consultancy Challenge
PHE ePoster Library, Michael Benson, 274305
Population Level Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Obesity.
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Beynon, 274316
Exploring barriers and solutions to support children and families in food poverty
PHE ePoster Library, Vida Cunningham, 274317
Directing the sugar levy to effectively address child obesity in Lambeth
PHE ePoster Library, Bimpe Oki, 274318
Bespoke local school cookery sessions to enhance local impact of a national healthy eating campaign
PHE ePoster Library, Carla Hobart, 274319
Engaging owners and managers of independent takeaway food outlets in a Healthy Takeaway Masterclass
PHE ePoster Library, Mark Adams, 274320
Shifting the Gravity of Spending: Assessing the impact of PHE's Prioritisation Framework
PHE ePoster Library, Gregory Maniatopoulos, 274321
Evaluating stakeholder involvement in building a decision support tool for NHS Health Checks: Co-producing workHORSE
PHE ePoster Library, Brendan Collins, 274322
The Activity Trap: Disabled people's fear of being active
PHE ePoster Library, Elliott Johnson, 274332
The Return on Investment of the Black Country IMPACT Back to Work Project in Walsall.
PHE ePoster Library, Lee Harley, 274333
Public Health England Grant Compliance Audit – lessons learnt
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Wightman, 274334
Safer dancing in the south - a health needs assessment of recreational drug users at music festivals, nightclubs and music venues
PHE ePoster Library, Adam Holland, 274335
Mental Health and Wellbeing evidence for cold water swimming
PHE ePoster Library, Lisa Sansom, 274336
The introduction of suspected suicide learning panels in Barnsley
PHE ePoster Library, Diane Lee, 274338
Development, usability & acceptability of a cervical screening informed choice tool for women living with severe mental illness and/or trauma history
PHE ePoster Library, Frederique Lamontagne-Godwin, 274339
Stepping into Nature: Enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of older people and people with dementia
PHE ePoster Library, Cathryn Taylor, 274349
Bringing Cities to Life: The Relationship Between Urban Greenspace and Mental Wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Victoria Houlden, 274350
Re-framing and Re-energising Suicide Prevention on the Sussex Coast using Design Methods
PHE ePoster Library, Darrell Gale, 274351
Baby Be Smokefree
PHE ePoster Library, Hilary Wareing, 274352
Tackling loneliness through social prescribing: Evaluating the British Red Cross' national Community Connector programme
PHE ePoster Library, Donna Clarke, 274353
Spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing
PHE ePoster Library, Lora Fleming, 274354
Perspectives of homeless individuals on the provision and accessibility of primary healthcare services: A qualitative study
PHE ePoster Library, Karen Saunders, 274355
Zen and the art of Bicycle Therapy or “Look no Hands”: empowering vulnerable young people to build their own futures through bicycle maintenance
PHE ePoster Library, Roddy Crockett, 274365
Step-by-Step to the Men's Shed: Creating a model to improve health, reduce isolation and/or increase engagement with the labour market
PHE ePoster Library, Josh Stroud, 274366
Using linked data to investigate the living environment factors associated with depression in a local population
PHE ePoster Library, Samuel Jones, 274367
An ‘agile methods' approach to evaluate the ‘Well North' community development programme to reduce health inequalities across Northern England
PHE ePoster Library, Martyn Regan, 274368
Health Needs Assessment of male and trans sex workers (MTSW) in Wiltshire
PHE ePoster Library, Alasdair Wood, 274369
The delivery of a peer-led health trainer programme in a Wiltshire Prison
PHE ePoster Library, Steve Maddern, 274370
Active Bystander Communities: the UK’s first DVA bystander ​programme for general communities.
PHE ePoster Library, Alexa Gainsbury, 274371
Establishing community-centred approaches to reducing alcohol harm
PHE ePoster Library, Elizabeth Burns, 274381
Paramedics as the wider public health workforce: A survey of current paramedic public health practice, perceived barriers and future opportunities
PHE ePoster Library, Sammer Tang, 274382
Using the Staged Development Tool to improve workforce capacity and impact
PHE ePoster Library, Sarah Hassell, 274383
Building capacity in research and evidence in the public health workforce: an innovative programme of training in the West of England
PHE ePoster Library, Abby Sabey, 274384
Nudging decision makers with data: What works?
PHE ePoster Library, Grace Norman, 274385
Developing systems leadership
PHE ePoster Library, David Evans, 274386
Public Health Practitioner (PHP) Level 6 Apprenticeship
PHE ePoster Library, Hannah Burn, 274387
Tackling Inactivity; Determining the effective components of behaviour change approaches to tackle inactive behaviours
PHE ePoster Library, Ruth Alleyne, 274397
Optimising interventions for Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI): behavioural analysis and stakeholders feedback
PHE ePoster Library, Anna Sallis, 274398
Optimising interventions to reduce antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections in primary care: a mixed-methods study
PHE ePoster Library, Anna Sallis, 274399
Utilising PHE's antimicrobial resistance data in surveillance of NICE/PHE antimicrobial prescribing guidelines
PHE ePoster Library, Charlotte Rawstrone, 274400
Community Pharmacy Campaign to Keep Antibiotics Working (KAW): an innovative new approach to improve patients' understanding of their antibiotics
PHE ePoster Library, Leah Jones, 274401
Implementing a rapid sexual health testing, diagnosis and treatment service: Qualitative evaluation
PHE ePoster Library, Patrick Horner, 274402
Is the message getting through? An update on public understanding of antibiotics from a nationwide household survey in England, 2017
PHE ePoster Library, Emily Cooper, 274404
Smokefree pregnancies: experience of a partnership based approach of a large NHS maternity unity with local authority and specialist partners
PHE ePoster Library, Shruti Patel, 274414
Understanding the community and home food environment in the early years
PHE ePoster Library, John Wilcox, 274415
Understanding Traveller populations in Wiltshire: a system-wide approach
PHE ePoster Library, Michael Allum, 274416
Designing Out Homelessness: Taking a Public Health Approach
PHE ePoster Library, Gunveer Plahe, 274417
Vulnerability – a ‘complex' issue: A whole-systems approach to addressing vulnerability in Wiltshire
PHE ePoster Library, Hayley Mortimer, 274418
Using behaviour insight science to design a health information website
PHE ePoster Library, Negin Sarafraz-Shekary, 274419
Safe and Wellbeing Visits: Driving forward population health improvements using the fire service in County Durham
PHE ePoster Library, Natalie Connor, 274431
Whole systems approaches to obesity and other complex public health challenges: a systematic review
PHE ePoster Library, Anne-Marie Bagnall, 274432
Whole system approach to working at scale - Tackling cardio vascular disease in the North of England
PHE ePoster Library, Ann Burrows, 274433
Patient data sharing for immigration enforcement purposes: a qualitative study of healthcare providers in England
PHE ePoster Library, Vasiliki Papageorgiou, 274435
Improving equity, protecting health and reducing health inequalities in specialist healthcare services.
PHE ePoster Library, Gina Zelent, 274436
It's morally wrong to waste the time of a dying person - An audit of the last 1,000 days of life
PHE ePoster Library, Judith Stonebridge, 274437
Reducing local variation and improving the quality of the pathway for older people who fall with injury in Southampton
PHE ePoster Library, Susannah Cochrane-Brown, 274448
Developing Social Prescribing Services within Primary Care
PHE ePoster Library, Lucy Chick, 274449
Commissioning a novel cross-borough reproductive health service in community pharmacy: a practice reflection
PHE ePoster Library, Talia Boshari, 274450
Does working at scale in general practice affect continuity of care?
PHE ePoster Library, Lindsay Forbes, 274451
Acute Trusts role in population health
PHE ePoster Library, Andrew Attfield, 274453
Using logic models to capture learning within the NHS
PHE ePoster Library, Jose-Carlos Acuyo Cespedes, 274454
How can children facing adversity be protected against future risk of homelessness?
PHE ePoster Library, Charlotte Grey, 274465
Older Yet Wiser: the grandparent role in a child’s socio-emotional development
PHE ePoster Library, Liz Ranson, 274466
Health Checks in Southampton: A service review
PHE ePoster Library, Sabina Stanescu, 274467
South Tees Maternal, Infant and Child Health Partnership – leading the local maternal and early years system through collaboration
PHE ePoster Library, Graeme Nicholson, 274468
Challenges in handling congenital anomalies clusters: a recent mediatic example in France
PHE ePoster Library, Nolwenn Regnault, 274469
Better beginnings: embedding a best practice approach to healthy food in early years settings across East Sussex
PHE ePoster Library, Nicola Blake, 274470
Assessing the utility of real-time syndromic surveillance for monitoring the health effects of air pollution
PHE ePoster Library, Sally Harcourt, 274481
Interventions to Reduce Noxious (NO and NO2) Air Pollution at Birmingham New Street Railway Station
PHE ePoster Library, John Thornes, 274482
Hospital admissions due to carbon monoxide poisoning
PHE ePoster Library, Frédéric B. Piel, 274483
Real time surveillance of Air Pollution Correlates with COPD Admissions in Walsall, West Midlands.
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Heath, 274484
Seeing the world from 95 centimetres tall: fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for tackling air pollution in Portsmouth
PHE ePoster Library, Hayley Trower, 274485
Encouraging Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Women to Attend Breast Screening - A Qualitative Synthesis of Barriers and Facilitators
PHE ePoster Library, Jessica Baird, 274486
NICE Shared Learning database: An overview of successfully implemented public health guidance
PHE ePoster Library, Juliana Sanabria, 274497
Trials and tribulations of influencing local alcohol licensing - the Suffolk story
PHE ePoster Library, Tess Zermanos, 274498
A Data Science Approach to Predicting Pupils at Risk of School Exclusion in Walsall
PHE ePoster Library, Claire Heath, 274499
Portsmouth Wellbeing Service use of Patient Activation Measure (PAM) in enabling effective support to encourage Behaviour change.
PHE ePoster Library, Helen Simmons, 274500
Getting Research into Practice (GRIP) – Project
PHE ePoster Library, Aimee Stimpson, 274501
A systematic review of prediction models used in tuberculosis contact tracing
PHE ePoster Library, Farah Kidy, 274502
Using Data-Driven Approaches in Population Health Management: Delivering novel insights in population segmentation for respiratory disease
PHE ePoster Library, Julie George, 274513
A cost prediction model for adult social care using long term conditions and other epidemiological parameters
PHE ePoster Library, Tha Han, 274514
NHS Health Checks - Digital Exemplar
PHE ePoster Library, Eleanor Wilkinson, 274515
Measuring the impact of the Capital Card® on substance use treatment outcomes
PHE ePoster Library, Devon De Silva, 274516
Drink Free Days campaign findings: Engaging risky midlife drinkers through an online comparison tool supported by social advertising
PHE ePoster Library, Mark Chandler, 274517
Enabling the design of better evidenced and evaluated public health interventions using digital technology
PHE ePoster Library, Kassandra Karpathakis, 274518
Influences on uptake and engagement with health and wellbeing smartphone apps: a mixed-methods systematic review.
PHE ePoster Library, Dorothy Szinay, 274529
Sociodemographic differences in the accessibility and use of digital technologies to support health in Wales: a population survey
PHE ePoster Library, Alisha Davies, 274530
London Prisons Communicable Disease Outbreak Exercises: Lessons learned from 6 Exercises held during 2017-19 across London
PHE ePoster Library, Laura Pomeroy, 274531
Supporting the NHS in Winter
PHE ePoster Library, James Mapstone, 274532
Conversations about Work in Healthcare: making every contact count?
PHE ePoster Library, Tim Chadborn, 274533
Community and Nosocomial Contact Tracing Procedure Following Imported Monkeypox and the First UK-case of Onwards Transmission in North West England
PHE ePoster Library, Wendi Shepherd, 274534

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