Increasing uptake of childhood influenza vaccination: results of two cluster randomised controlled trials (cRCTs) of behavioural science informed changes to invitations
ePoster Library of PHE, Rebecca Howell-Jones, 186453
Ending FGM in Coventry through prevention and community behaviour change
ePoster Library of PHE, Etain McDermott, 186528
The cost-effectiveness of needle and syringe provision in preventing transmission of Hepatitis C virus in people who inject drugs
ePoster Library of PHE, Zoe Ward, 186566
Resilient Schools: Putting a theoretical framework into practice. How Barnet are investing in prevention.
ePoster Library of PHE, Natalia Clifford, 186586
Rolling out TB whole-genome sequencing into routine clinical and public health practice: a collaborative process
ePoster Library of PHE, Esther Robinson, 186588
Young Peoples Nutritional Health - learning from research and developing resources to reduce obesity
ePoster Library of PHE, Vicky Gilroy, 186665
Cost-effectiveness of weight loss support provided by Health trainers
ePoster Library of PHE, Simon Hodsdon, 186555
Developing gender-specific evidence-based standards to improve the health and wellbeing of female prisoners in England
ePoster Library of PHE, Lucy McCann, 186625
Sexual Health in Practice (SHIP) training for GPs in a high prevalence London borough leads to sustained increase in HIV testing rates
ePoster Library of PHE, Melissa GARDNER, 186637
Modelling Demand for Adult Social Care Services
ePoster Library of PHE, Jeremy Hooper, 186471
How perceptions of multi-agency response to flood events affect wellbeing
ePoster Library of PHE, Tara Quinn, 186510
Developing an evidence-based public health response framework for population-level economic and employment shock
ePoster Library of PHE, Alisha Davies, 186605
Does use of point of care testing improve cost effectiveness of the NHS Health Checks programme in the primary care setting? A cost minimisation analysis.
ePoster Library of PHE, Austen EL-Osta, 186458
Factors influencing variation in participation in the National Diabetes Audit and the impact on Quality and Outcomes Framework indicators of diabetes care management
ePoster Library of PHE, Caroline Wright, 186463
Research that matters: linking weather and climate science with the One Health agenda, decision-makers and users
ePoster Library of PHE, Rosa Barciela, 186515
Trends in skin, soft tissue and vascular infections in people who inject drugs
ePoster Library of PHE, Dan Lewer, 186501
Is 'Slamming' among men who have sex with men changing HIV related risks among people who inject drugs in the UK?
ePoster Library of PHE, Ellen Heinsbroek, 186500
Measuring socioeconomic inequalities in avoidable mortality in England using the revised ONS definition, 2014-2015
ePoster Library of PHE, Annie Campbell, 186511
Investing in oral health: an evidence-based economic decision-support tool for commissioners
ePoster Library of PHE, Jenny Godson, 186568
Use of two annual self-referral reminders to increase uptake among former bowel scope screening non-participants: results from a randomised controlled trial in London.
ePoster Library of PHE, Rob Kerrison, 186451
Does community empowerment have the potential to improve health in disadvantaged areas?
ePoster Library of PHE, Emma Halliday, 186626
Development of a toolkit to assess and value the barrier effects of busy roads ('community severance')
ePoster Library of PHE, Jennifer Mindell, 186682
Perinatal emotional well-being information and support needs among women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities: a qualitative study in Camden and Islington.
ePoster Library of PHE, Rosa Lau, 186577
The role of physical activity in rehabilitation - Active for Health
ePoster Library of PHE, Gabbi Frith, 186590
Identifying adverse events following vaccination by brand
ePoster Library of PHE, Simon de Lusignan, 186689
Measuring inequality in life expectancy: an update to the Public Health Outcomes Framework data
ePoster Library of PHE, Charlotte Fellows, 186484
Use of Cost Benefit Analysis to demonstrate the economic case for investing £650,000 in falls prevention in Salford
ePoster Library of PHE, Ben Fryer, 186556
Using the Moving Epidemic Method (MEM) to develop influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) activity thresholds for syndromic surveillance.
ePoster Library of PHE, Sally Harcourt, 186674
Forecasting E. coli bacteraemia in England to 2020/21
ePoster Library of PHE, Russell Hope, 186442
Effectiveness of Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) to reduce Acquisitive Crime: Secondary data analysis of Convictions from the Offender Programme and the Drug and Alcohol Team
ePoster Library of PHE, Claire Hennessy, 186524
Implementing babyClear© to support pregnant women to stop smoking: a process evaluation
ePoster Library of PHE, Susan E Jones, 186658
Midlife Social Participation and Physical performance in old age: evidence from a British Birth Cohort
ePoster Library of PHE, Amoolya Vusirikala, 186431
What are the best public health investments for local authorities?
ePoster Library of PHE, Lee Robertson, 186565
'We want to be together': The impact of public health co-production evaluations in County Durham
ePoster Library of PHE, Natalie Connor, 186632
Ageing well through community based personalised prevention.
ePoster Library of PHE, Richard Stanford-Beale, 186433
Smarter Travel Challenge Workshops for Year 6 pupils on their Secondary School Transition Day
ePoster Library of PHE, Sarah Deakin, 186434
Can we understand the effects of traffic related air pollution without measuring air pollution?
ePoster Library of PHE, David Lemon, 186435
A survey of local authorities to identify and promote best practice to mitigate air pollution and promote healthful environments
ePoster Library of PHE, Mark Reacher, 186436
Promoting sustainable travel to school
ePoster Library of PHE, Valerie DeSouza, 186437
An analysis of alcohol sales in 2014
ePoster Library of PHE, Kate Sweeney, 186440
The development of a UTI leaflet to improve antibiotic prescribing and increase self-care.
ePoster Library of PHE, Leah Jones, 186441
Antibiotic consumption and stewardship data at your Fingertips
ePoster Library of PHE, Emma Budd, 186443
Analysis of 42,457 Antibiotic Guardians who have pledged to contribute to tackling antimicrobial resistance
ePoster Library of PHE, Sophie Newitt, 186444
Blanket suppression therapy for healthcare workers (HCW) following a PVL-MSSA outbreak in a neonatal unit: The right decision?
ePoster Library of PHE, Sara Atkin, 186445
Antibiotic prescriptions issued by Dentists in the North East and Cumbria
ePoster Library of PHE, Lucy Bird, 186446
Devices, apps and other distractions Young people's perceptions of sleep: A qualitative study.
ePoster Library of PHE, Sarah Godsell, 186447
Using Behavioural Science to Help Parents Pack Healthier Lunchboxes
ePoster Library of PHE, Amanda Bunten, 186448
Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence is associated with substantial adverse health and social outcomes in early adulthood: findings from a prospective birth cohort study
ePoster Library of PHE, Rona Campbell, 186449
A behaviour change framework and toolkit to support workforce development
ePoster Library of PHE, Aoife Barror, 186450
Using market segmentation to explore seasonal flu vaccination uptake among those under 65 in risk groups within the East of England
ePoster Library of PHE, Amy Trindall, 186452
Cluster Analysis of Clinical Commissioning Groups in England Using Cancer Outcomes
ePoster Library of PHE, Christine Delon, 186454
Association of prevalence and comorbidities with demographic variation at diagnosis for those living with cancer in London
ePoster Library of PHE, Molly Loughran, 186455
Practice Profiles Plus: a resource for facilitating health professionals' understanding of cancer metrics
ePoster Library of PHE, Lucy Young, 186456
Prevalence of subsequent primary tumours with demographic variation for those living with cancer in London
ePoster Library of PHE, Molly Loughran, 186457
Development of an East Midlands NHS Health Check outcome data infographic
ePoster Library of PHE, Sean Meehan, 186459
Do NHS Health Checks reach those with greatest CVD risk? Investigating the effect of age, gender, ethnicity and deprivation on the use of NHS Health Checks in General Practice.
ePoster Library of PHE, Gloria Beckett, 186461
Patient Journeys following an NHS Health Check in East Sussex: Behaviour Change Successes and Pitfalls
ePoster Library of PHE, hayley martin, 186462
Cardiovascular disease prevention - Southwark exercise on referral programme
ePoster Library of PHE, Agata Roszczynska, 186464
More treatment, less crime: introducing drug testing on arrest (DToA) into a low crime drug & alcohol recovery partnership.
ePoster Library of PHE, Marc Connor, 186468
Healthy Living Pharmacies key as part of an integrated local weight management pathway
ePoster Library of PHE, Carolyn Pallister, 186470
Modelling the impact of preventative interventions on the Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) pathway: A novel approach
ePoster Library of PHE, Ash More, 186472
Building Equity Effectiveness And Efficiency Through Whole System Commissioning
ePoster Library of PHE, Stuart Burley, 186475
Hospital Trust Catchment populations: A denominator to support commissioning decisions through understanding the population likely to draw on a hospital's services.
ePoster Library of PHE, James Perry, 186476
Examining strategies to increase knowledge mobilisation between Public Health England and key stakeholders: a mixed methods study.
ePoster Library of PHE, Oyinlola Oyebode, 186477
Utilising linked data to design and evaluate safe and well visits delivered by Kent Fire & Rescue Service
ePoster Library of PHE, Richard Stanford-Beale, 186478
Comparison of statistical algorithms for the detection of outbreaks
ePoster Library of PHE, Roger Morbey, 186479
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale: A Data Warehouse Supporting The Real-time Syndromic Surveillance Team (RESST)
ePoster Library of PHE, Paul Loveridge, 186480
“Let me just Google that……” - An observational study to explore what added value Google search data can provide to existing syndromic surveillance systems in England
ePoster Library of PHE, Helen Green, 186481
From 15 days to 15 hours: performance gains using modern Business Intelligence methods
ePoster Library of PHE, Darryl Houghton, 186482
The Public Health England Health Equity Dashboard - monitoring inequalities in key health indicators
ePoster Library of PHE, Charlotte Fellows, 186483
Data sharing to support UK clinical genetics and genomics services
ePoster Library of PHE, Alison Hall, 186485
RRR: Re-purposing Routine information with R: Local Health and slope index of inequality (SII)
ePoster Library of PHE, Ian Bates, 186488
Development of the Greater Manchester Suicide Prevention Strategy and Suicide Audit Process
ePoster Library of PHE, Andrea Fallon, 186490
HealthSketch: Using digital and social media to make patient information more engaging
ePoster Library of PHE, Wikum Jayatunga, 186491
The power of digital: delivering behaviour change, efficiency and cost-savings through an online service
ePoster Library of PHE, Gillian Holdsworth, 186492
PHE's Health Matters - a multi-channel digital resource for professionals
ePoster Library of PHE, Sanjay Tanday, 186493
Online and redefined: Refreshing our approach to the JSNA
ePoster Library of PHE, Owen Richardson, 186495
A systematic review of the use of social media for the delivery of health promotion on smoking, nutrition and physical activity
ePoster Library of PHE, David Johns, 186496
Mortality by country of birth among residents of England
ePoster Library of PHE, Nicholas Coyle, 186497
Sexualised drug use: the national picture
ePoster Library of PHE, Claire Tanner, 186498
Lessons from East Riding needle exchange services (NES): Analysing use and demographics of heroin and image and performance enhancing drug (IPED) use to guide service provision
ePoster Library of PHE, Tony Margetts, 186499
Energy drink consumption, mental health and alcohol and cigarette use in secondary school children in England
ePoster Library of PHE, Nicola Knights, 186502
Ethical challenges of providing end of life care in an Ebola treatment unit (2014-2015)
ePoster Library of PHE, Heather Draper, 186503
Variation in place of death for leading causes of death amenable to end of life care, England 2015
ePoster Library of PHE, Julia Verne, 186504
Possible implications of a perceived divide between lay and official knowledge in an area of compromised and polluted environment, and high deprivation, in North West England.
ePoster Library of PHE, Phil Elliott, 186505
Predicting the duration of waste fires
ePoster Library of PHE, Jim Stewart-Evans, 186506
A large outbreak of Campylobacter associated with raw milk consumption and a Cumbrian dairy farm
ePoster Library of PHE, Janey Kenyon, 186507
Carbon Dioxide Ingress into Residential Houses at Gorebridge, Midlothian, Scotland
ePoster Library of PHE, Richard Othieno, 186508
PHE Compendium of Chemical Hazards; a free online resource for health professionals and the public
ePoster Library of PHE, Laura Girling, 186509
Working and learning globally: The Peoples-uni social model for global public health capacity building
ePoster Library of PHE, Oyinlola Oyebode, 186512
Mapping International Health Partnerships within Public Health Wales
ePoster Library of PHE, Lauren Ellis, 186513
Risk factors for acquiring travel-associated enteric fever in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
ePoster Library of PHE, Flora Stevens, 186514
Seroconversion for Infectious Pathogens among UK Military Personnel Deployed to Kenya, 2009-2014
ePoster Library of PHE, Deborah Wright, 186516
Health-related indicators in The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
ePoster Library of PHE, Rishma Maini, 186517
What determines whether older people with long-term illnesses are in work or workless? A study of Greater Manchester residents in the 2011 Census 5% microdata
ePoster Library of PHE, Thomas Hennell, 186518
Musculoskeletal Health in The Workplace - Learning from and supporting Employers
ePoster Library of PHE, Shukru Esmene, 186519
Evaluation of health-focused employment interventions
ePoster Library of PHE, Suhana Begum, 186520
Developing evidence-informed, employer-led workplace health.
ePoster Library of PHE, Meena Khatwa, 186521
The Health & Justice approach to reducing self-harm & suicide in prisons: pathways, partnerships & patient care.
ePoster Library of PHE, Jane Leaman, 186522
A significant outbreak of tuberculosis in a prison in England
ePoster Library of PHE, Matthew Tyrer, 186523

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