Healthy Portion Pilot - Challenging the 'social norm' of portion sizes in a Portsmouth Takeaway
PHE ePoster Library. Anderson-Weaver R. Sep 12, 2019; 274478; 4
Rob Anderson-Weaver
Rob Anderson-Weaver
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Abstract Introduction/BackgroundThere is evidence that people consistently ate more food or drank more non-alcoholic drinks when offered larger-sized portions, packages or items of tableware than when offered smaller-sized versions. A recent study estimated the size of this effect to be small to moderate among children and adults. This pilot recruited takeaways to serve reduced portion sizes of French fries, to reduce excess calorie consumption from calorie dense foods. MethodWe identified fast food takeaways in close proximity to local schools. Visits were carried out to discuss the pilot with owners. Benefits of portion size reduction from a health and business stance were discussed. Visual aids were taken to ask takeaway owners to estimate the size of their current portion sizes. 3 takeaways approached showed an interest, 2 later withdrewThe takeaway agreed to trial a reduced portion size for 28 days. Initial portion sizes being served were weighed. The financial benefits of portion reduction were calculated and a suitable reduction in portion size that would meet customer expectations but also have potential to impact on health was mutually agreed upon.
01/04/2019The takeaway owner reported that he was now purchasing 55 large boxes of chips, rather than 60 due to the portion reduction. This equates to a projected annual saving of £3,900.The owner reported issues with some of his employees not complying: savings could be even greater with adequate training and support put in place to assist with this. No complaints were reported about smaller portion sizes. External funding details
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