Evaluating stakeholder involvement in building a decision support tool for NHS Health Checks: Co-producing workHORSE
PHE ePoster Library. Collins B. 09/12/19; 274322; 131
Dr. Brendan Collins
Dr. Brendan Collins
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Abstract Background
Dynamic simulation models can be used to model potential interventions and their outcomes to help inform decision-making. Uptake of ‘return on investment' type tools by decision makers is low, which may be because of lack of involvement in their production. We evaluated the involvement of stakeholders in co-producing a decision support tool that enables commissioners to quantify the potential cost-effectiveness and equity impact of redesigning the NHS Health Check Programme.
The workHORSE project used key co-production principles and group model building approaches to engage stakeholders in pre-piloted, structured, small group exercises throughout four iterative workshops and an online communication platform. After each workshop, stakeholders and researchers completed questionnaires to explore their views, expectations and experiences.
25 stakeholders participated, of which 11 attended multiple workshops. Overall, stakeholders' experiences were positive. They felt valued and appreciated being able to influence development throughout one or multiple workshops, which provided opportunities for them to learn about and reflect upon the tool's capacity, usage and usefulness. Researchers saw the process as an opportunity for developing a common language, trust in the final product and ensuring transparency. The workshops also acted as a reality check, ensuring the scenarios and outputs were relevant and fit for purpose.
Previously, modellers rarely consulted with decision makers when developing tools to inform decision-making. Co-production now offers considerable added value, potentially increasing stakeholders' confidence in the development and applicability of the model and enabling modellers to produce a 'real-world' decision support tool. External funding details NIHR HTA project 16/165/-1 workH.O.R.S.E
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