Epstein-Barr virus seroprevalence in East Asia, in Europe, in America, and in other countries in the 21st century
PHE ePoster Library. Yang T. Sep 12, 2019; 274293; 106
Dr. TienYu Owen Yang
Dr. TienYu Owen Yang
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Abstract Introduction
Scattered reports suggest that Europeans are generally exposed to Epstein-Barr virus later than Asians, which may explain different presentations of acute and long-term presentations in these countries, but a systematic age-dependent comparison has never been made.
From PubMed using keywords related to EBV and seroprevalence, we extracted age-specific seroprevalence of EBV VCA IgG from published reports in which seroprevalence after 2008 was investigated and from controls in published association studies. Because most adults are seroconverted, we used seronegative case numbers to assess effective information in each study. Meta-regression logistic models were used to plot age-dependent curves of seropositivity by continent.
As expected, most seronegative cases were reported from three countries in East Asia (China, Japan, and Taiwan, 5795 seronegative cases), Europe (18357), and the US (13820). With relatively small intra-continent heterogeneity, logistic models fit data in East Asia and in Europe well, and showed a 95% credibility range of 75%-95% children in East Asia were seropositive at around age 10 years, compared to only 40-70% children in Europe at around age 10 years. The 95% credibility range of age when 90% population turned seropositive was between 10 and 20 years in East Asia, and between 20 and 30 years in Europe. There was large heterogeneity in reports from the US and in other countries (5219 seronegative cases in total), for which aggregated estimation for these countries was not appropriate.
This is the first systematic report in which age-specific EBV seroprevalence is quantitatively compared between continents. External funding details
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