An exploration into the attitudes of dual-users (of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes)
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Alice Stonham
Public Health England
Marie Horton
Public Health England
Clare Griffiths
Public Health England
PHE ePoster Library. Stonham A. 03/20/18; 209131; 14170
Mrs. Alice Stonham
Mrs. Alice Stonham
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Abstract Introduction Smoking prevalence has declined significantly in recent years whilst e-cigarette use has increased substantially, with 6% of the population now using e-cigarettes. Research has suggested that concurrent use of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes (dual usage) can potentially either facilitate or inhibit smoking cessation. This study aimed to examine the attitudes of dual users concerning their smoking and vaping behaviours compared to current smokers, e-cigarette users and others in a UK context.Methods A secondary analysis of existing survey data from the ONS’ Opinions and Lifestyle survey between May 2016 and February 2017 (n=6,597) was undertaken to establish the attitudes of the population studied towards smoking cessation, the perceived harm of e-cigarettes as well as their views on the sale and regulation of e-cigarettes. Users were partitioned into four groups according to their use of cigarettes or e-cigarettes; these were dual users, current users of tobacco cigarettes, current users of e-cigarettes and those who were not using either tobacco cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Results Dual users were 73% more likely (OR=1.73, 1.22-2.47) to report an intention to quit than current tobacco smokers. Significant associations were seen between the ‘combined use’ variable (which combined use of e-cigarettes, cigarettes and non-users) and perception of harm to user and harm to others and attitude towards the regulation of e-cigarettes (p<0.01). There was also variation by demographic group (age, socio-economic status and sex). Conclusions Dual users, e-cigarette users and current tobacco smokers differed in their perceptions relating to the harm of e-cigarettes and their attitudes towards the sale and regulation of e-cigarettes. This has not been demonstrated in previous studies.
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